Luxurious Experiences in Portland, Oregon

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Traveling with high standards? Only looking for the best hotels, restaurants, and must-see sights that make your trip luxurious and divine? Perhaps you are looking for some romantic date options that will create undying love and unforgettable memories? If any of these apply to you then you have come to your one stop shop for all things luxury to do in the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon. In this article we will be finding the best fine dining restaurants that elevate the food game and treat their guests like royalty. Hotels that let us indulge in the finer things, keep us connected to the city life, and supply comfort that exceeds all levels. On top of all those luxury items we will be simply searching for anything and everything that radiates with luxury that you can plan on your next trip to the wonderful city of Portland. I hope you packed your best clothes because the last thing you would want is to be underdressed for the occasion. Feel free to follow the links provided in this article to further your planning at luxury hotels, restaurants, and more. Safe travels my fellow luxury seeker. 

Luxury Hotels in Portland 

Number 1 on the list of luxury things to do in Portland is to find the best hotels we can find in the city. No more settling for your average hotel stay with boring accommodations. Now is the time to reserve a suite in the finest establishment you can find. We are talking about panoramic windows that have great views, full kitchens to cater to many people, marble bathrooms that shine with elegance, and spacious living that feels more comfortable than your own house. Like I said, we will not be settling for less. Most importantly we will be looking for hotels that are close and connected to the best attractions in the city. 

The Nines

Located on 525 SW Morrison St. is the lavish and divine Nines Hotel. Connected to the heart of Downtown Portland which is full of some of the best restaurants, sights, and city life you will find. Downtown Portland is the perfect social destination, so being within walking distance to luxury dining options and city life is a huge bonus. Enjoy modern design, historic features, and overall comfort that exceeds all prior hotel experiences you have had in the past. Discover what elegance is all about and reserve The Nines Suite that has 1,768 square feet of spacious living, tall ceilings, and huge windows that overlook the Downtown area. Take a chance to enjoy some delicious and luxe food options within the hotel at their two restaurants. Departure Restaurant offers Asian food and an escape from ordinary cuisine. Urban Farm Steakhouse is their second dining option that offers a sophisticated farmhouse setting and sustainable food options for all to indulge in. 

Kimpton RiverPlace

A refined, welcoming, calming, and serene hotel experience located just south of Downtown Portland. Find luxury rooms, green surroundings, connect ability to the city’s greatest attractions, and lodge-like comfort that is unique and warm. Take a chance to stay in some of the most comfortable and luxe suites that Portland has to offer. The Riverfront or City Fireplace suites are huge with Skyline and water views. If you are willing to spend just a tad bit more than I highly suggest checking out their luxurious cottages that offer more space and comfort that is comparable to a mansion in the woods. Enjoy their in-house restaurant, King Tide that offers some of the best and most lavish seafood selections you will find in the city. Overall, this hotel destination will supply comfort and luxury like none other. 

Luxury Restaurants in Portland

Your luxury hotel stay has been taken care of. Check that off the list and let’s head to the next important task of this lavish journey into Portland, Oregon. Our next item on the agenda is to find some of the best restaurants in the city. Fine dining, excellent service, beautifully presented dishes, culinary genius, and ambiance that elevates the mood. We will forget all about the regular food establishments and make our way to find some of the most elegant food establishments in the city. I hope you packed some fancy clothes because some of these restaurants will require you looking the part. 

Willow Restaurant

Small, exclusive, and perfect for those seeking the top flavors of the city. The Willow Restaurant serves tasting menus that cost about $100 per person for 6-courses. Wine by the glass will be $13 and if you prefer a bottle that will be $45. The menu is filled with some of the freshest food and most delectable drink pairings you will find in Portland. Like stated above the restaurant is small and can only fit so many groups of people, so please make sure to set a reservation to secure your spot at one of the most exclusive eateries in the city. 

Luxury Sights (free)

Located in the Hills of Portland lies a great oasis for the luxury traveler that seeks to reconnect back to nature. One of the most beautiful and peaceful attractions in Portland that offers much more than natural beauty to enjoy. Make sure to pack a camera and some food for a picnic because once you are within the gardens, you will not want to leave all day. Time becomes irrelevant and nature helps dissolve all previous worries. There are trees everywhere and flowers that make the gardens smell like heaven. Take a shuttle or rent one of the electric transportation devices listed above to reach the destination. For more information about the Portland Japanese Gardens please follow the link below. The Japanese Gardens are a free luxury experience that must not be missed. The trees are abundant, tall, and the flowers are everywhere. Take a chance to experience luxury for no cost at all. 

Portland, Oregon or otherwise known as Portlonia has been explored and its luxury items have been brought to light for the sake of you having one of the best travel experiences of your life. Your luxury trip is just a few clicks away and trust me you will want to make sure to plan some if not all of these events the next time you find yourself in Portland. Travel with class and treat yourself to the divine pleasures you so rightfully deserve. No more settling for less. Luxury hotels, restaurants, and sights are just around the corner and they await your arrival with open arms. Please make sure to follow the links provided under each luxury event and plan ahead of time because availability is limited. Safe travels. 

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