Best Places to Take Pictures around Portland, OR

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Portland. This charming northwestern city punches well above its weight, boasting beautiful and varied scenery, famously independent and unique neighborhoods and innovation all in a city that’s yet to break 4 million. If you’ve chosen Portland as your destination, you won’t be disappointed, with so much happening here year round. Read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures here around Rose City.

International Rose Test Garden

In honor of the city’s famed moniker, the International Rose Test Garden is the first entry to our list, a gorgeous collection of over ten thousand rose bushes of over 650 varieties! This is a great backdrop for your photoshoot, with the plentiful flowers and footpaths. We recommend visiting in late spring/summer for the most amount of blooming roses.

Portland Japanese Garden

Neighboring the International Rose Test Garden is the Portland Japanese Garden, a lush, emerald getaway much in the style of Japanese garden heritage, featuring multiple buildings in the Japanese style, a sand and stone garden, a tea garden, bridges, pagodas, streams, falls, and even a cultural village! This is a great experience for the whole party to tour this corner of Portland, and make the most of this variety of backdrops.

Forest Park

Here, deeper into the wilderness of Oregon, nature photographers and visitors of all groups and interests will delight in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Here, there are over eighty miles of trails and forest roads, this is a great way to immerse yourself in Oregon’s nature without getting too far from Portland itself. All while surrounded by the elusive cameo by native wildlife and wallpaper-worthy scenes the whole way.

Pittock Mansion

This venue offers itself to both the casual and the formal photoshoot for all sizes, (although the larger party would prefer to book the venue in its entirety) This historic mansion features an intricate and celebrated interior and exterior, as well as views of Portland and the surrounding forests. For those who do not have such a lengthy itinerary and just want to do a visiting tour with photos, this is also available regularly by appointment. 

Keller Fountain Park

This corner of Portland features a stunning view, these square and challenging falls will be a true conversation starter to any album or social media post. The scope of the falls has made them a favored gathering point of generations of Portland residents, and the length of this installation means that both solo close-ups and large group photos are accommodated.

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