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San Francisco Airport Parking - Cheap Guaranteed SFO Airport Parking with 24hr Per Day Free Shuttle

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Whether you're on a budget or just looking for the most convenient garage or airport parking option to get to the SFO airport, read on to find out more about the ground transportation and San Francisco SFO airport parking.

Guide for traveling to San Francisco

The San Francisco City Guide is the ultimate resource for visitors and residents looking to explore the Golden Gate City.

Parking Tips and FAQs

San Francisco Airport Parking presents a crucial aspect of travel logistics for many passengers passing through SFO. The array of parking options available can significantly impact the overall journey experience, influencing factors like convenience and budget management.

Whether opting for valet services or self-parking, making an informed decision regarding parking at SFO can streamline travel and alleviate potential stressors. Understanding the nuances of San Francisco Airport Parking can prove invaluable for travelers seeking seamless transitions between their transportation modes and airport terminals.

San Francisco Airport Parking Options

San Francisco Airport provides various parking options to cater to travelers' needs, including terminal parking, long-term parking, off-site parking, and the convenience of booking reservations in advance. These choices offer flexibility and convenience for travelers seeking parking solutions that suit their preferences and budgets, ensuring a seamless start to their journey from SFO.

Terminal Parking

Terminal parking at San Francisco Airport provides convenient access to all terminals, offering centrally located parking facilities with tunnels connecting directly to the terminals for seamless navigation.

  1. Rates: $2 per 15 minutes, up to $36 per 24 hours.

  2. Maximum Height: Vehicles over 6'6' are not permitted.

  3. Signage: Clear directions for easy parking.

  4. Ideal for: Business, leisure, short trips, and passenger pickups.

Long-Term Parking

Long-term parking facilities at San Francisco Airport provide ample parking options for travelers seeking extended parking solutions, with varying garage heights to accommodate different vehicle sizes.

The Long-Term Parking area includes Garage 1, with 610 spots, and Garage 2, with 98 spots, totaling 308 available spaces. It is advisable to pre-book due to a high occupancy rate of 95%.

Overheight vehicle parking is offered in the surface lot.

Parking Reservations

For travelers seeking convenient and secure parking solutions at San Francisco Airport, online booking for parking spots is available to ensure a reserved spot upon arrival.

  1. San Francisco Airport offers an online booking system for parking reservations.

  2. The ParkFAST Garage features a contactless system for entry and exit.

  3. Long Term Garages 1 and 2 have a high occupancy rate of 95%.

  4. Limited availability is due to the high occupancy rates, so booking is recommended.

Off-Site Parking

Off-site parking options near San Francisco Airport provide travelers with competitive rates and added convenience compared to on-site parking solutions. These off-site facilities offer shuttle services to and from SFO airport terminals; reservations can be made online, ensuring a secure spot.

Cost-effective and well-maintained, off-site parking is a popular choice for travelers seeking to save on parking expenses while enjoying a hassle-free experience.

Parking Reservations

San Francisco Airport provides travelers a convenient and efficient parking reservation system through various options tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences.

  1. Pre-booking is advised due to limited spots at the Long Term Garage.

  2. The Long Term Garage has a high 95% occupancy rate.

  3. Stay updated on exclusive offers by subscribing to parking email updates.

  4. ParkFAST Garage operates at a 54% occupancy rate.

SFO Terminal Parking

SFO Terminal Parking offers travelers a convenient way to park with easy access to all terminals through connected tunnels. With rates of $2 per 15 minutes and a maximum of $36 per 24 hours, including all taxes and fees, it provides an affordable option for travelers.

Additionally, amenities, availability, shuttle services, and location details are vital to consider when utilizing SFO Terminal Parking services.

Terminal Parking Rates

Terminal parking rates at San Francisco Airport vary based on the duration of stay, starting at $2 per 15 minutes and reaching a maximum of $36 per 24 hours, including all taxes and fees.

  1. Transparent Pricing: Helps with easy budgeting.

  2. Pre-Booking: Provides convenience with a personalized QR code for contactless entry.

  3. Special Offers: Stay informed about updates while booking.

  4. Contactless Entry: Enhances the parking experience for travelers.

Terminal Parking Locations

Located centrally for easy access to all terminals, the Domestic Garage at San Francisco Airport provides convenient terminal parking options designed to enhance the passenger experience. Ideal for passenger pickups and various travel purposes, the Domestic Garage features clear signage and direct tunnels connecting to each terminal.

Travelers can seamlessly locate the terminal parking section under the guidance of specific directions near the International Terminal, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience.

Terminal Parking Availability

Nestled near the airport terminals, San Francisco Airport offers a variety of convenient parking options for passengers and visitors alike.

  1. User Experience: SFO ensures a seamless parking experience with its user-friendly system.

  2. Special Offers: Watch for special deals and discounts on terminal parking at SFO.

  3. Contactless System: Utilize SFO's contactless system for a safe and convenient parking process.

  4. Availability: SFO provides ample terminal parking spaces to accommodate varying needs efficiently.

Terminal Parking Amenities

Enhancing the overall travel experience at San Francisco Airport, the Terminal Parking Amenities at SFO provides safe and secure parking options conveniently linked to all airport terminals via the AirTrain Blue Line.

The parking garage offers overheight vehicle-accessible parking, electric vehicle charging stations, and a contactless system.

Additionally, special offers are available for travelers, making parking at SFO Terminal Parking a convenient and eco-friendly choice.

Terminal Parking Shuttle Service

The Terminal Parking Shuttle Service at San Francisco Airport (SFO) seamlessly connects all terminals, providing passengers with convenient and efficient transportation within the airport.

  1. Operates every 5-15 minutes for quick access.

  2. Allows passengers to move between terminals and parking areas efficiently.

  3. Complimentary service for all airport visitors.

  4. Enhances the overall airport parking experience by providing seamless connectivity.

San Francisco International Airport Long-Term Parking

San Francisco Airport's long-term parking options offer travelers numerous benefits, including cost-effective rates and secure parking locations.

With convenient shuttle services to the terminals, long-term parking ensures a seamless travel experience for passengers.

The emphasis on security measures provides peace of mind to those leaving their vehicles for an extended period.

Benefits of Long-Term Parking

For travelers seeking extended parking solutions at San Francisco Airport, the benefits of long-term parking garages are both practical and secure.

  1. Pre-booking parking guarantees a spot due to high occupancy rates.

  2. Safe and secure parking for extended periods.

  3. Garage 1 provides 610 spots; Garage 2 offers 98 spots.

  4. Long-term parking ensures sufficient spaces and peace of mind for travelers.

Long-Term Parking Rates

Travelers seeking extended parking solutions at San Francisco Airport can benefit from the cost-effective long-term parking rates, offering approximately 308 spots across Garage 1 and 2.

With rates at approximately $18 per day, pre-booking is essential due to the high 95% occupancy rate.

Secure your spot in advance to ensure availability and enjoy a cost-effective solution for extended stays.

Long-Term Parking Location

The designated long-term parking location at San Francisco Airport comprises two garages, Garage 1 and Garage 2, providing 308 parking spots for travelers requiring extended parking solutions.

  1. High occupancy rates necessitate pre-booking.

  2. Limited availability due to occupancy rates.

  3. Garages have a maximum height of 82 inches.

  4. Check spot availability before arrival.

Long-Term Parking Shuttle Service

Efficiently connecting parked vehicles with the airport terminals, the Long-Term Parking at San Francisco Airport offers a reliable shuttle service for seamless transportation within the airport premises.

This shuttle service, part of the long-term parking amenities, ensures convenient and reliable transportation, providing passengers seamless connectivity throughout the airport.

Travelers can rely on this shuttle to efficiently access their desired terminals, enhancing their overall parking experience.

Long-Term Parking Security

For a comprehensive experience in long-term parking at San Francisco Airport, ensuring the security of parked vehicles is paramount.

When dealing with high occupancy rates and limited availability, it's crucial to pre-book parking. Opting for secure garage parking in either Garage 1 or Garage 2 guarantees a safe storage space for your vehicle.

Check parking dates and options in advance to secure your spot efficiently.

SFO Parking Reservations

When considering SFO Parking Reservations, it's essential to focus on key points such as:

  • Online Booking for convenience

  • Understanding Reservation Fees

  • Being aware of the Reservation Cancellation Policy

  • Ensuring timely Reservation Confirmation

  • Exploring any available Loyalty Programs to optimize your parking experience at San Francisco Airport.

These aspects are crucial in streamlining the parking process and providing travelers with personalized and cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs.

Online Booking

By leveraging the online booking system for SFO parking reservations, travelers can effortlessly secure a parking spot at San Francisco Airport.

  1. Receive a personalized QR code for contactless entry and exit with your booking.

  2. Access exclusive offers and discounts through the online booking system.

  3. Stay informed about parking availability and receive notifications by subscribing to the email list.

  4. Enjoy the flexibility to modify or cancel your reservation up to 2 hours before entry.

Reservation Fees

Leveraging the efficient online booking system for SFO parking reservations ensures a hassle-free experience and transparent pricing for budgeting. Reservation fees start at $2 per 15 minutes and cap at $25 per 24 hours, including all taxes and fees.

Travelers can also benefit from special offers and secure a personalized QR code for contactless entry and exit, enhancing the convenience of their parking experience.

Reservation Cancellation Policy

The Reservation Cancellation Policy for SFO parking reservations allows travelers to modify or cancel their bookings up to 2 hours before the scheduled entry time, offering flexibility and control over their parking arrangements.

  1. There are no penalty fees for changes made within the specified time frame.

  2. Modifications and cancellations can be made quickly online through the booking system.

  3. Enhances booking experience by offering convenience and control.

  4. Provides flexibility in managing reservations for convenient adjustments to travel plans.

Reservation Confirmation

Upon completing your online booking for SFO parking, you will promptly receive a personalized QR code for your reservation.

This QR code is part of the contactless system for entry and exit at the San Francisco parking facilities.

The reservation confirmation assures instant verification of your parking spot, ensuring a seamless experience when utilizing the services at SFO.

Loyalty Programs

Frequent parkers at San Francisco Airport Parking can benefit from a rewarding loyalty program that offers points for each reservation made.

  • Earn points for each parking reservation

  • Redeem points for free parking or discounts

  • Exclusive offers, promotions, and benefits

  • Cost-saving opportunities for frequent parkers

San Francisco Airport Parking Tips

To make the most of your parking experience at San Francisco Airport, it's crucial to explore tips like finding the best deals, using public transportation, utilizing ride-sharing services, understanding parking rates, and navigating airport parking lots efficiently.

Finding the Best Deals

For travelers seeking the best deals on parking at San Francisco Airport, utilizing services like SpotHero can provide a cost-effective solution to secure convenient parking spots near SFO.

  1. SpotHero offers parking near SFO with rates ranging from $6 to $27 for uncovered parking options.

  2. Valet parking services at SFO are available at a fixed rate of $15 through SpotHero.

  3. SpotHero provides a convenient platform for comparing and booking parking spots near San Francisco Airport.

  4. SpotHero's partnership with various facilities ensures seamless parking experiences at competitive rates for SFO travelers.

Using Public Transportation

Utilizing the BART system provides travelers a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to driving and parking at San Francisco Airport, enhancing the overall transportation options available for passengers.

The BART system is a cost-effective way to access SFO, with a dedicated AirTrain station connecting to the terminals. It offers a sustainable travel choice, reducing carbon emissions and providing reliable daily service.

Utilizing Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft offer travelers a convenient and efficient way to access San Francisco Airport parking areas.

  1. Cost-effective option for travel to SFO.

  2. Convenient pick-up and drop-off locations.

  3. Seamless travel experience without navigating parking lots.

  4. Direct drop-off at terminals for added convenience.

Understanding Parking Rates

When considering parking at San Francisco Airport, it is essential to understand the range of rates offered in the Garage facilities. The rates vary from $2 per 15 minutes to a maximum of $25 per 24 hours. Overheight vehicles can park in the surface lot at SFO. Rates include all taxes and fees.

Pre-booking parking at SFO allows a contactless entry and exit system through personalized QR codes.

Navigating Airport Parking Lots

To efficiently navigate the parking lots at San Francisco Airport, travelers can take advantage of the marked tunnels that connect the Domestic Parking Garage to all terminals, ensuring convenient access for all passengers.

  1. Follow signage under the International Terminal to reach the Domestic Terminal parking.

  2. Utilize the airline/terminal guide for the nearest parking section.

  3. The Domestic Parking Garage is centrally located for easy access.

  4. Designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a seamless parking experience.

Cheapest Airport Parking by On Air Parking

On Air Parking stands out as the preferred choice for travelers seeking the most economical airport parking rates at San Francisco Airport.

With rates as low as $5.99 per day for outdoor parking and $6.99 per day for indoor parking, On Air Parking offers budget-friendly options for travelers flying in and out of SFO.

Booking in advance through their website ensures access to these cheap rates, making parking hassle-free and affordable.