Outdoor activities near San Francisco CA

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Surely, as one of the most famous cities in America, San Francisco is a must-see destination for many tourists. With its rich culture and diverse population, San Francisco truly offers something unique for every visitor. In times like these, now is not the time to look at its shops or museums but to get outside and experience some of the great outdoor activities near San Francisco CA that are on offer.


We have all seen pictures of that bridge, but how many people can say they have paddled beneath it! To see the famous Golden Gate Bridge from the water is to experience it in ways most people will never get to see. Not for you? Then take a tour to see marine wildlife and witness the stunning coastal scenery of the area. It is not just a bridge. Golden Gate Park offers more than 1000 acres of stunning gardens and lakes and is right in the heart of the city. Find peace in the Japanese Tea Garden or peace out with the drummers on Hippie Hill. This park has something for everyone to enjoy.


Take a tour through the streets or challenge yourself to pedal one of the hundreds of cycle trails in the hills that surround the area, cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities you can do in San Francisco. I would recommend taking one of the many guided tours that are operated in the city, not only will the guide help keep you safe they will also add color, history and show you places that you are not likely to find yourself as you explore.


You cannot put a price on fun and this is just what can be found at these unique slides set in the quiet Noe Valley area of San Francisco. With children or just trying to discover the child within yourself, grab yourself an old cardboard box and head away from all the major attractions to find this truly unique activity.


If you are smarter than the average tourist then split your trip between the city and the unforgettable natural wonders that Yosemite National Park has to offer. Whether it is the groves of the Giant Sequoia trees, the majesty of the cliffs and rock formations (Such as El Capitan or Cathedral Rocks), or the beauty of its many waterfalls. Awesome is the only way to describe what you will find should you decide to go.

Of course, like all great cities you can find fine dining, visit vibrant shopping districts, take in some magnificent museums or see some truly historic buildings – Alcatraz, for example, isn’t so much an outdoor activity, but you can walk around its infamous walls. However, if you want to take home some truly unique memories from your outdoor activity days then open your eyes, stretch your legs and get outside to find just what the amazing place has to offer.

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