Sustainable Travel in San Francisco, CA

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A leader in the sustainability movement within America and the city that not only preaches eco-conscious living but also sets the example for the rest of the nation to follow. San Francisco is a truly smart and caregiving environment both for the residents that practice daily sustainable tactics and the tourists who are looking for green activities to show their support for the environment. The nature and options for outdoor experiences are readily available and there are sustainable businesses that run their business with the environment in mind on every corner. This city is the dream destination for those looking to splurge in a beautiful city environment but do so in a manner that lessens their carbon footprint. Welcome to the city of endless beauty and tons of great sustainable options for eating, shopping, hiking, sightseeing, and much more.  Please feel free to follow the links provided in this article to plan your trip to San Francisco.

Sustainable Eateries, Farmers Markets, and Grocery Stores

When in San Francisco you need not worry about limited options for eating sustainable food. The city is driven to supply farm-to-table produce within every restaurant and grocery store. Fresh food supplied from the farmers around the city. Grocery stores in San Francisco have stepped their game up and have decided to supply great food while also implementing some ecological decisions on where they source their food from. If you are really looking to support the city head down to a farmers market and support the culture and farmers of the city. The options are truly amazing, and San Francisco has set the bar high for how food should be sold in the nation. Below is a list of restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers markets that all have remarkable food and greener ways of supplying food and running their businesses. Let’s do our part and make sure to choose businesses that choose the planet’s wellbeing.

Kitava Kitchen

Health inspired food for those seeking a tasty but also healthy food option while touring the city. The restaurant is supporting local farmers who use eco-friendly methods of producing and harvesting their produce. Farm-to-table food options for all to enjoy. For more information, please follow the link below.


Wood-fired cuisine that is seasonal and locally produced. The food is ever changing as the seasons change from one to the other. The menu is full of seasonal delights and you can taste the care that went into each and every ingredient within the food. A gathering place for locals and tourists alike. Grab some fresh and amazingly sustainable foods at Nopa. Follow the link below to view their business.


Sprouts is a grocery store that is themed after a farmers’ market and it basically is a storefront for one. With locally sourced produce and programs that donate unused food products to hunger relief efforts this grocery store is the perfect green food option for the eco-friendly traveler. 

Fort Mason Center Farmers Market

Every Sunday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm is one of the best farmers’ markets in San Francisco. Get fresh produce and enjoy the city life with like-minded individuals seeking sustainable eating. For more information about the Fort Mason Center Farmers Market please follow the link below.

Green Transportation Around the City

The first and most obvious answer on how to travel sustainably within San Francisco is to walk. Walking allows you to lessen your carbon footprint and see the beauty of the city you’d otherwise be missing out on while driving. Walk through the many different towns within the city and see the change in culture and art as you explore each block.

The second option for green travel within the city is to find a bike-share company or ride with one of the many options for electric bikes and scooters around the city. The city is used to tourism, so it has made the options for green transportation widely available. Download Lime, Bird, or one of the many options for electric riding in the city. Not only help the environment with your choice but also help your trip be full of excitement.  


The city of San Francisco has a significant number of parks all throughout. Each one holding unique views and different layouts. If you are walking or biking through the city you will be sure to run into multiple parks along your journey. Make sure to do yourself a favor and grab some food from one of the sustainable eateries listed above and take it to one of these parks listed below to eat and relax in nature. 

Washington Square Park

One of the most beautiful and open parks in San Francisco. Surrounded by the Italian District and home to some amazing food spots to enjoy. A beautifully built church overlooks the park and adds a unique touch of beauty to the spot. For more information about the park please follow the link below.

Grand View Park

Looking for an amazing viewpoint to overlook the city and possibly catch a life changing sunset? Grand View Park is located in the Sunset District and is the perfect destination for the eco-friendly traveler looking to clear their mind. For more information, please follow the link below.

We have only listed off a few of the many options to green travel within the city of San Francisco California, so please feel free to use the power of the internet and word of mouth to find other green options as well. The city of San Francisco is amazing and their contributions towards the health of their community and betterment of the world’s ecosystem are truly heartwarming to experience. Not many cities take their carbon footprint into account and seeing what San Francisco is doing is very inspirational. If more cities can set the standards for eco-friendliness and sustainability, then the world is sure to become a healthier place that we can continue to enjoy and explore for many years to come. Be sure to travel smart and have an open mind when trying to find alternative ways of traveling within these cities that are more eco-conscious. The choices to limit your carbon footprint are everywhere.  

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