5 Great Places to Have a Picnic in San Francisco, CA

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When the weather cooperates, we all love to get outside and explore the world around us. There is nothing more refreshing and soothing to the soul than a picnic in the sun, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Every city in the United States has incredible locations for picnicking. Below are 5 Great Places to Picnic in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park

One of the best known parks in San Francisco, it is also one of the largest at over 1,000 acres. However, even though the park is extremely popular and can be crowded with visitors and locals, it is also a fabulous place for a picnic. Hellman Hollow (in the center of the park, just off John F Kennedy Drive) is a beautiful open field with picnic tables and trees of all varieties surrounding it. I also recommend Strawberry Hill, Stow Lake, and Mother’s Meadow if you’re looking to picnic in Golden Gate Park.

Fort Funston

A park spread across the 200-ft bluffs on the Gulf of the Farallones. Visitors to this park enjoy hang-gliding, hiking or horseback riding over the trails, and lounging on the beach. Picnicking on the top of the bluff (in the grassy areas or on the sand) is an unforgettable experience. The views of the ocean beyond and the coastline to the North and South are all you could want while enjoying a good meal.

Mission Dolores Park

A neighborhood hotspot with large expanses of green grass and some of the best views of the San Francisco skyline. There are tennis courts and a playground in the park as well, and a center oasis lined with palm trees and a picturesque bridge. But the best part of Dolores Park is how much space there is for picnicking on the rolling hills of the park.  

Bernal Heights Park

In a city famous for steep hills, it comes as no surprise that the best parks in the city are hillside parks. Walk to the top of Bernal Heights for overwhelming, panoramic views of San Francisco. A city park should feel like an escape into nature and Bernal Heights Park provides that by taking you high above the city. And at the top of the hill is my favorite part of the park – a tree swing hung from the largest tree overlooking the city. In between bites from your picnic basket, you can take a swing over the city.

Yerba Buena Gardens

Two blocks of city park in the cultural heart of San Francisco, Yerba Buena Gardens is a special place. The lawns are well cared for with a large waterfall at one end of the park and colorful gardens throughout it. Public art pieces are on display and rotated constantly. The East Garden is home to a cascading fountain perfect for a waterside picnic, while the shaded trees near the Reflection Garden make for a fantastic, peaceful picnic.

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