15 Coffee Shops in San Francisco You Need to Visit this Winter

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15 Coffee Shops in San Francisco You Need to Visit this Winter

San Francisco. Amid cool weather, stunning scenery nearby, and a city comprising an eclectic mix of buildings, sights, and activities, one of the most well-known and celebrated traits of this city is the gourmet and artisan movement. This is no exception to coffee, a favored drink around these parts. Away from the more familiar sights such as Dutch Bros or Starbucks, San Francisco is home to a vibrant and competitive coffee scene that spoils visitors and locals alike for choice. Whether you’re a coffee-lover, really need that first cup to start your day or just want to try all the joe but don’t know where to start – we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide and introduction to 15 Coffee Shops in San Francisco you need to visit this Winter. 


One of San Francisco’s rising stars, Andytown is renowned for the care in each cup, as well as their collection of made-in-house pastries that will have even the most carefree visitors feeling a tad guilty with how good they taste. Add in their recent expansion to Ocean Beach with amazing views over the local landscape, and it’s easy to see why Andytown pops up so frequently with the word “coffee” here in San Francisco.

Eritrean Coffee

San Francisco is also home to a small but proud East African community, a great opportunity to try Coffee much as it has been consumed for thousands of years in the highlands of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Coffee from this region is processed and procured quite uniquely, and is known for its strong flavors. Whether as a delicious accompaniment to a large serving of Doro Wat and Injera, or to zap even the sleepiest of visitors awake, don’t pass up the chance to step into an Ethiopian or Eritrean establishment this winter. We recommend the sleepy New Eritrea Restaurant for their cozy interior and large portions. 

El Porteno in the Ferry Building

While this might seem a strange option for those in the city, El Porteno makes itself known for its collection of Argentinean coffees, large chocolates and Mate beverages served fresh in the bustling Ferry Building, but stands out with three words: Empanada. De. Cordero. With a delicious array of warming and mouth watering empanadas that complete any hot beverage, those who make the trip out to the ferry building will delight in this amazing combination.

Turkish Coffee at Lokma

Another heavy hitter is the Turkish style of coffee, and visitors can pick up their incredibly strong cup at Lokma, a treasure trove of Turkish cuisine. Whether just to pick up a cup, sit down for a breakfast of Menemen and Simit, or enjoy a nice long lunch, Lokma is a great addition to your itineraries.

Tu Lan

This being the Bay Area, we couldn’t mention coffee without mentioning the sweet, strong and sugary goodness that is Vietnamese Iced Coffee. For the unfamiliar, this is a simple but delicious combination of strong Vietnamese coffee brewed in a Phin filter over a small amount of sweetened condensed milk, which is then mixed and poured over a glass of ice. The result is a cool but energizing and amazingly delicious drink. If you can’t make the trip out to San Jose or East Bay, Tu Lan is a great spot for light and delicious Vietnamese fare. 

Haus Coffee

Those looking for coffee and a hard to beat atmosphere will love Haus Coffee, a great place to take notes, send emails, tuck into a book or just unwind in this very relaxed cafe. Come for the straightforward and solid cups but stay for the atmosphere – a favored study and workplace for many of those who come with their trusty laptop and a task to conquer. 


Sightglass is known for its painstakingly detailed care in sourcing, selecting and roasting their own coffee, as well as their openness to introducing others to the joy of pour-over coffee. With water just at the right temperature, beans prepared to perfection and baristas truly knowledgeable and caring of their craft, Sightglass is where coffee-fanatics will feel right at home.

Henry’s House of Coffee

A family owned favorite known for their high quality and generous (some would say accurate!) portions – what more could one ask for? If you’re in the area and really want to support a local, family-owned business, Henry’s House of Coffee is a sure stop. We recommend their “Gypsy” brew for an especially rich and strong cup, and keep your eyes open for the availability of their Armenian sujuk sandwich.

Four Barrel

Another sanctuary for those who are fans of all things coffee is Four Barrel Coffee, another institution with a huge emphasis on doing their own scouting, sourcing and roasting, as well as holding weekly and regular demonstrations and seminars on making coffee. Four Barrel is one of those roasters that are just as interested in bringing you a great cup of coffee as they are in helping you learn how to become your very own barista. And with one of their locations being just down the street from the iconic Painted Ladies, this is also incredibly accessible for most travel itineraries.

Coffee Movement

Coffee Movement is known for its perfected menu, offering amazing, simple coffee at a remarkably affordable price and their high quality beans. Remarked as very literally expensively sourced coffee at a price for all, this is truly a hidden gem of the city.

Tartine Manufactory

King of all things pastry and breakfast, Tartine Manufactory provides a solid cup of coffee and a dazzling array of pastries for all to enjoy, whether to tuck in right then and there or on the way to your next destination in the city. 


Those who enjoy a cup of coffee and a tour through the inner workings of a barista’s heaven will love the paradise that is Flywheel coffee. Another independent roaster just next to gorgeous Golden Gate Park, this is a great stop to either get out of the cool and warm up, or pick up a quality cup of joe for a walk through the park.

Wrecking Ball

A cute addition to the city, their cappuccinos, cortados, and almond milk lattes are of most acclaim and are only growing in popularity – but truth be told, anything these guys make is sure to be delicious. Baristas here take their craft super seriously, but all with a charm and friendliness that is growing a local following. 


Enjoy the artsy and creative spirit of Bernal Heights with the community and coffee on display at Pinhole! Here, local artists and local bakeries complete the picture with a true, local, community cafe with amazing pour-over blends. This laid-back spot is as talented as it is welcoming, a great choice for those visitors who really want an emphasis on family friendly and community at their cafe spot while in the city. 

Blue Bottle Coffee

We’ve purposely waited until the end to mention this giant – Blue Bottle Coffee offers and stocks a notably wider range of coffees in the area compared to other markets around the nation. We recommend Cafe Creme/Cafe Au Lait for a delicious cup. 

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