Best Places to Take Pictures around San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco. This city needs no introduction, across storied and unique neighborhoods, charming corners, cool weather and the center of the Bay Area, it comes as no surprise that there is always something happening here. Whether you’ve made San Francisco your travel destination, visiting friends and family or a local who’s curious to see what’s around home, read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures of your trip, and get ready to explore!

Golden Gate Park

One of the city’s biggest centers of community and gathering also features a wide variety of activities and backdrops, from wide fields to wooded and lush footpaths, and the famed Japanese Tea Garden, the Golden Gate Park is as good of a place for your party to meet up while in San Francisco as it is a photoshoot destination. 

The Palace of Fine Arts

Another one of San Francisco’s most famed attractions is The Palace of Fine Arts, a truly picturesque stop while you’re in town, a breathtaking relic of the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. This spectacle of Beaux-Arts architecture is as much of a fine subject from afar as it is a grand backdrop up close.


The Ferry Building in itself is a vibrant and dynamic way to mark your journey to San Francisco, with its bustling interior and views out over the Bay. However, there is the lesser known side to this building, and of all the attractions here in San Francisco, the regular open-air market and eateries! These delicious bites you can find here are a great stop for any foodies and food photographers, as well as a satisfying way for your party to fuel up during your adventures.

Musee Mecanique

This collection of antique arcade machines is another snazzy attraction of San Francisco filled with character, and a truly unique photo opportunity featuring nickel shows and machines from seemingly every decade. This is a great way to entertain the family/group while also taking pictures at this one-of-a-kind location.

Mission Dolores Park

Mission Dolores and it’s wide spaces have remained a popular gathering point for San Franciscans for generations, and is also quite suitable as a group photo setting. Aside from the park itself, the neighborhoods surrounding it are a fun corner to explore here around San Francisco, with activities regularly taking place here in this part of the city.

Baker Beach

This iconic beach is a great place to get views of the Pacific at sundown or sunset, as well as providing for beautiful oceanside photos. This is suitable for formal and casual shoots, with the beach less packed away from the peak hours.

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