How to Find Safe Airport Parking

Looking for parking near an airport and not sure if your vehicle will be safe? Wondering if the website you are booking from is real, if the facility is real, or if it's all just a scam? Wondering if it's better to just park at the airport?

These are all great things to ponder before purchasing airport parking, and we will give you confidence in your ability to find the right parking near airports. Recently a story came out covering some parking customer feedback for a facility near Boston Logan Airport. The story covers how customers have seen their vehicles damaged, not handled properly, and then no representative to follow up with. This isn't the first time a story has broke on local news regarding vehicle mistreatment at a local off-airport parking facility, nor will it be the last. In New York, there was even a story that covered a facility being accused of not noticing their employees were taking valeted vehicles on joy rides.

So, how does a traveler that is looking for discounted airport parking find a deal, while still making sure their car is safe? Follow these steps:

1. Website Security- SSL and Good Reviews

When purchasing off-airport parking the first step is to make sure you are purchasing from a legitimate website. An easy way to first see if your information is secure, is to make sure the website has an SSL certificate to protect your information. You can simply find this information out by looking to the left of the website URL in your browser. There should be a closed lock which shows the site is secure (see below for an example). Secondly, you should do independent research on the company and their reviews. Google Reviews, Facebook, and Yelp are three independent websites that give good independent feedback on how companies are run. Make sure to dig through the comments and make sure you are getting the full story. You can also look at Reseller Ratings and Trust Pilot, though know that certain companies pay a fee to manipulate the results and write fake reviews.

2. Independent Parking Reviews- Check Yelp, Google Reviews, etc. to search real reviews.

The second step is the most important. Make sure to be diligent when researching a parking facility at an independent third party website. Most aggregators or third party parking booking websites are happy to share good reviews. Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook are three great outlets to look at true independent reviews of parking facilities (good and bad). If you looked at the first story above about Boston airport parking, you'd see that if travelers simply looked at this company's Yelp Page they would have seen it wasn't worth the savings.

We've set up Top Airport Parking with SSL and have 5/5 stars on both Facebook and Google Reviews. We ask our travelers to write real reviews on our website after they make a purchase to share their experience with potential travelers. We also send a link to more customer reviews once our travelers purchase parking to make sure we give full disclosure and piece of mind to our travelers. If any of our partners receive bad reviews as a commonality, we cut them out, and replace them with better providers.