Spa Retreats in Orlando, FL

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Orlando. A beautiful city known for its iconic skyscrapers, Disney World, shopping malls, art galleries, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Orlando is a city that exudes excitement! A wonderful idea after a long day of exploring any city would be ending your day with a luxury spa retreat. With that being said, the city of Orlando offers numerous places to refresh and rejuvenate yourself! Let’s explore the city of Orlando and find out the best spa resorts that you should check out! 

Waldorf Astoria Orlando Spa 

If you are looking for a spa retreat in the city of Orlando offers unique salt treatments, Waldorf Astoria Orlando Spa is an excellent choice! Waldorf Astoria Orlando Spa is a spa in the city of Orlando that is known for offering Florida’s first Himalayan Salt Room. How the salt room works is that the room continually particles of ground salt throughout the air. You might be wondering, how is this a benefit to my body? Breathing in the salt helps relieve a range of issues such as asthma or allergies, common skin issues such as acne or eczema, and much more. When booking an appointment with the spa’s Himalayan Salt Room, you have an option of 30 to 60 minute sessions. When booking with Waldorf Astoria Orlando Spa, you will be granted access to the spa’s luxurious jacuzzi, its pore cleansing steam room, or if you are looking to get a quick workout in, you will have access to the spa’s fitness center. In line with the Waldorf Astoria Orlando Spa’s salt treatment theme, you can even book an appointment for a Himalayan salt

stone massage or pick from the spa’s many other packages. Schedule an appointment with Waldorf Astoria Orlando Spa and treat your body to luxury! 

Mandara Spa 

When visiting the city Orlando, you will be making a mistake if you do not treat yourself to a trip to the most magical place on earth, Disney World! However, exploring and enjoying all that Disney World has to offer may become tiresome which is why the Mandara Spa is a wonderful treat to rest your mind and body! Mandara Spa is located at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Hotel. Whether you are staying in this lovely hotel or are just visiting Disney World for the day, the Mandara Spa is a special treat for both hotel guests and outsiders alike! This unique spa offers treatments that are inspired by the culture of Bali. The Mandara Spa is known for its cutting edge treatments such as the Biotech Firm-a-lift Facial. Using a Biotech machine that features five different impressive technologies, all of which are utilized to help take care and rejuvenate your skin. These technologies include light therapy, an ultrasonic metal spatula, oxygen infusion, galvanic current, and micro current. This treatment lasts just under an hour and you will feel the results instantly after your treatment is complete. If you find yourself in Disney World, book your appointment with Mandara Spa and let the kids go enjoy themselves while you pamper yourself while using some of the most cutting edge skin care technology available! 

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