Flight Delay in Richmond, VA

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Flight Delay in Richmond, VA

Richmond International Airport. Providing service to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, Orlando, New York, and beyond, Richmond International Airport is Virginia’s gateway to every corner of the nation. If your travels have brought you here to Richmond International Airport with a flight delay whether due to inclement weather, maintenance, loading luggage, or other reasons, worry not. With the selection in dining, shopping, entertainment, and services here at Richmond International Airport, any unexpected layover goes in a breeze. Read on for some of our favorite highlights in dining, shopping, relaxation, and entertainment here around Richmond International Airport.


Among ten eateries, kitchens, restaurants and vendors, travelers of any craving arriving here at Richmond International Airport will find themselves spoiled with variety. Whether you are looking for speedy, on-the-go service for those travelers on a tighter itinerary, or wanting a full, sit-down meal to stay for a while, Richmond International Airport has you covered. Travelers on the move who need their caffeine boost before takeoff will enjoy the Caribou Coffee locations in both Concourse A and Concourse B, hearty local burgers and fries at Cheeburger Cheeburger (Concourse B), and sustaining breakfast and brunch options at The Market on Broad (Concourse A). For those passengers wanting traditional, sit-in and waiter service, there are multiple options, including Sam Adams Celebrates Richmond for all-American selections (Concourse B) , Club Level Grill (Concourse B), and Cross Grain Brewhouse (Concourse A).  

Places to read, study, work

For those travelers arriving here at Richmond International Airport who want to get some work done, study, or read and relax a while during their layover/flight delay, there are a range of environments and workspaces here to choose from. Aside from the complimentary airport wi-fi and charging stations throughout the airport, there is but the USO Lounge for those active military members who are traveling, in the Reserve forces, a family dependent of a military service member, active, or retired. However, if you are not in any of the listed categories, worry not. There is also ample seating around the airport overlooking the runways. Groups traveling can also rent out the conference rooms at Richmond International Airport’s business center. 

Shopping and Entertainment 

For those wanting to pass their time at shopping a wide variety of travel supplies, reading materials, tech, local souvenirs, and everything in between, look no further than the vendors here at Richmond International Airport. These include Hudson News, offering over 500 popular periodicals, clothing of local sports teams and small travel size snacks and hand sanitizer for your flight, as well as neighboring Hudson Booksellers, boasting over four hundred titles! Last but not least there is the Discover Virginia store, offering specialities and souvenirs of every part of the Commonwealth of Virginia, a great last stop to pick up something to remember your time here in Virginia. Travelers with pets can also sit for a while in the grassy oasis area between the parking garage and the terminal.

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