Boston, Massachusetts Ebike Rentals

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If you’re in Boston, Massachusetts and want to go on an ebike adventure, there are plenty of options to choose from. Ebikes are electric bicycles, and their claim to fame is the electric motor that assists the operator upon pedaling. These bikes can go farther and take less energy to ride, thus making them perfect for outdoor excursions with the family. Electric bikes are booming in Boston!

In MA, state law requires all ebike riders to have a driver’s license, as it is considered a motorized vehicle. The ebike does not need to be registered with the state, however. No one under the age of 16 can operate one, and they are not allowed on sidewalks. Since it is considered a motorized vehicle, it is in the same vein as mopeds and scooters, therefore the laws surrounding ebikes are the same as for other small electric vehicles. The helmet law in MA states everyone operating an electric bike must wear a helmet. If you are riding them around the city, they must be ridden within designated bike lanes and you must obey all traffic laws.

To rent ebikes, there are a few options in the Boston area. First up we have Lime, which is a California-based bike-share operator that came to Boston in 2019. These bikes have stations all throughout the city where the bikes are available to rent, and they are unlocked from their moorings with the Lime app on your phone. These bikes are rentable for $1 to begin, and 15 cents for every minute thereafter.

Next, there is Landry’s Bicycles, which both sells and rents ebikes. Your ebikes can be reserved online or by phone. In order to rent an ebike, valid ID and a credit card are needed for security reasons. Please call or book online for rental rates on ebikes.

Also, Boston has a shop known as Urban Adventours which rents ebikes as well. This shop has broken down it’s rental rates as follows:

2 hours – $50

24 hours – $100

2 days – $200

3 days – $275

4 days – $350

5 days – $425

6 to 7 Days – $500

Two very popular bike trails in Boston would be the Southwest Corridor Park and the South Bay Harbor Trail. The Southwest Corridor Park is 4.1 miles and winds through the buildings of Boston. This trail is utilized by bikers and pedestrians alike, and often used as a commuter trail as well as a scenic route.

The South Bay Harbor Trail is 3.8 miles and runs along Boston Harbor, connecting several Boston neighborhoods to the waterfront. This trail gives you breathtaking views of the city as well as the harbor and will be well worth the ride. Come to Boston and have an adventure!

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