Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Dallas, TX

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Since the Stonewall riots of June 1969, cities all across America have organized annual parades and marches to honor and acknowledge those in the LGBT community.

Some cities were quicker at reacting and creating events than others, but eventually every state in the country had cities and towns that arranged such parades. Like with other major cities in the country, celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Dallas, TX, is a yearly affair, and despite the community facing many ups and downs over the years, it is stronger than ever. Below you can find more information on the origins, and how it is celebrated today.


The first Pride March took place in 1972, although it wasn’t an officially organized march, and started with only a little over 250 people. These men and women marched through the streets that day, spreading the message and holding signs. By the end of the day, the group had grown to about three thousand, which at the time was a lot of people given the nature of the march.

Like many other similar gatherings at the time across the country, people struggled to gain support and traction for the movement, and it wasn’t until 1980, that the next Pride March happened. Then, in 1982, the Dallas Tavern Guild took responsibility for organizing and vocalizing the celebrations, and over the years the Guild managed to get Law Enforcement Officials and even Politicians on their side.


You will no doubt find lots to do in the city no matter where you go, but we have made a helpful guide so you don’t miss out on the top things to do.


In Fair Park you will find the annual Miller Lite Festival; here, you can gather with our friends and family, and dance the night away with an array of artists. The music content and headliners are changed every year, and there are enough artists to please everyone. At the festival, you can also buy food and drink, take part in activities, and join in with the teen parade events.


Everyone loves a pool party, and the Purple Foundation hosts the ultimate pool party of the year, every September in honor of Pride Month. This exclusive event allows you to relax on a rubber ring in the pool with a cocktail in hand as you listen to a host of various DJ’s, and join in the fun with thousands of other party-goers.


This illustrious show bar and theater on Cedar Springs Road is the setting for regular nights of gaybingo. On the third Saturday of every month, excluding December, you can take part in gaybingo hosted by some of the best drag acts in the state. During Pride Month, these evenings become even more fabulous, and the Rose Room is one of the top spots in the city to hang out during this time.

Don’t forget that although Dallas has a pride weekend during June, their Pride Month is actually September, so factor this in if you are thinking of visiting the city!

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