5 Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere So You Can #WorkandTravel

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For the past several years, the economy has been shifting to include more gig-based work, which allows people the freedom to set their own schedules. And with the pandemic last year forcing many people to work from home, a lot of these jobs have gone virtual, too.

If you’re looking to travel more but also need to support yourself, consider becoming a Digital Nomad. This term refers to people who do remote jobs abroad to fund their travels. Whether you want to rent a room with an ocean view in Bali and work from your hotel for a few months or do gig jobs in between legs of your trip backpacking through Europe, there’s an option for you! Here are five jobs to pursue.

Teaching English

Teaching English has long been a top choice for folks looking to live and work abroad. But the great news is, now there are lots of opportunities to teach English online, from anywhere! While you’ll likely need to do a little legwork ahead of time to get qualified for a job, there’s a ton of demand for English teachers right now, so you’re sure to find work. A few companies to look into are VIPKid, Skooli, or DaDa. Most just require a bachelor’s degree, but you can earn more if you have additional qualifications.

Virtual Assistance

If you have basic computer skills you can score a Virtual Assistant job on freelancer platforms like Upwork. Duties vary, but common ones include setting appointments, writing emails, social media management, data entry, and basic research. For most, the only equipment you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection. A great spot to find these types of jobs is the freelancer platform Upwork.


If you’re a really fast and accurate typist, look into getting a job in transcription. Lots of companies need videos and interviews transcribed. Usually, you’ll need to study up a bit ahead of time to learn their preferred style guide and formatting for the transcription, and it’s recommended that you invest in a foot pedal so that you can transcribe efficiently. A few companies that always need transcribers are Rev (they also offer captioning jobs) and GoTranscript.


There is a huge need for copywriting in the world! From basic web content to emails to tailored advertisements, companies require written content. Even if you’re not a polished writer, you can start small and teach yourself the skills you need. There are plenty of these jobs available on the aforementioned Upwork, and you can also find plenty on We Work Remotely.


Similar to teaching English, there is a huge demand for tutoring – especially as the pandemic has caused a tumultuous school year across the board, and many students need a little extra help. What’s great about tutoring is you can find a niche for almost any skill you have, like math, reading, foreign language, or SAT prep. A few companies that offer online tutoring jobs are InGenius Prep, Magoosh, and Pearson.

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