Rethinking #Tourism

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What do you think of when you hear the word #tourism? Old grandpas with combovers, socks with sandals, and an old timey camera around their necks, probably. Children screaming while Mom is trying to keep them calm for the family photo in front of Mt. Rushmore. Maybe even a family road trip where everyone’s cranky and something stinks in the back of the station wagon. We all have stories, and maybe even some baggage, surrounding the word tourism, but let’s take the time to rethink it, take it back, and make it ours. 

Take a Tour

Stating the obvious here, but tourism is about touring. Why not take a literal tour? Whether you tour the underground catacombs of your city, take a fun ghost tour through the streets of Old Town, tour the mansions of various celebs in Hollywood, tour the winding dusty trails of the Grand Canyon, or taking a guided tour of an old museum, the idea is to have a good time and learn a little something. Tours are informative but also a way to connect with fun facts, history of the sites, and share an experience. Go online and see what tours are available near you.

Tour the Countryside

Make it a point to get out of the city and have a look at the rural countryside where you live. Are there mountains? Rivers? Lakes? Trails? Go and have an adventure outside of the norm and get to know all the back roads, the trails less traveled, the secluded mountain streams. Not only will you likely find adventure along the way in u-pick berry farms or old antique shops, you’ll also clear your head from all the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re already in the country, then go find your adventure in the streets of the big city.

Tour Your State

What are some fun things your state is known for? Have you visited them all? Have you visited any of them? Why not make it a point to go with friends or family and do something out-of-towners do? Go see the monument, have fun on the water, watch a local band play, check out that fantastic national park. Not only will you probably have a lot of fun, you’ll be better able to know what to do should the extended family come visit.

Tour the Country

For the more adventurous who really want a change of pace, take an epic road trip and tour the country. Make some goals of where you’d like to go in what state and bring it to fruition. What have you always wanted to see? Where have you always wanted to go? Where did you go on vacation as a child that you’d like to see again as an adult? If you have the time and the money, why not? Exploring the world is an excellent way to make amazing and lasting memories, and when you go with a loved one, you’re living your best life.

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