Outdoor activities near Journal City NJ

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With such a hub of excitement just across the water from Journal City, NJ, it can be easy to just make a short trip and do outdoor activities in New York City, rather than in New Jersey. However, believe it or not, there are some great options for things to do this side of the river. So, if you live here, or are new to the area and want to know the kinds of things you can get up to, then read below for some fo the top outdoor activities in near Journal City NJ.


Set sail on your very own guided tour on the water on a sailboat. Cruise the Husdon, see Jersey from a whole other perspective, and take in the various stunning skylines as you gently make your way through the ripples of waves. Sailing is incredibly fn no matter the weather, so this is a perfect outdoor activity for all year round.


Lincoln Park is a great sized park, here you can go running, cycling play with your dogs, play sports, sunbathe, have a picnic, or just take a tranquil walk through as you allow yourself to take in the sights and sounds. In the summer, especially, this park really comes alive with a variety of colors from the trees, the huge focal water feature, and the luscious green spaces where you can relax. Sometimes, the best outdoor activities can be done at the park alone or with friends, and Lincoln Park s the prime place to go near Journal City.


I’m sure most people don’t need much convincing that jet skiing is incredibly fun, in fact, it’s one of those activities that can quickly become an obsession as you strive for the adrenaline rush that being of a jet ski gives you. Sea the City Jet Ski Tours will take you out on the water and quite literally give you a guided tour of the city and surrounding areas from a jet ski. It certainly makes taking a guided tour more fun, and don’t worry if you have never used one before, their instructors are always on hand to make sure you are safe.


It’s always fun to ride around anywhere on a bike, whether that be in a city or a rural area, biking is a rewarding experience and definitely leaves you feeling good. At Livelo Bike Rental you can hire bikes and see the area in a different way, explore every inch of it, and discover places you may have missed on foot.


Treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon out, heal your body, unclench your muscles, and let this sauna studio take all your stresses away, even if it is only for a few hours. This place is located downtown, and you’ll find a whole range of options for treatments for you to choose from.

So, the next time you are tempted to cross the water instead of doing outdoor activities near Journal City NJ, just remember, you have some great options right on your doorstep.

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