Where to Buy Souvenirs Near NoMad Manhattan NY

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When you travel, it is always nice to collect memories as you go so that you can always look back on what a wonderful trip you had. This is why we take far too pictures, buy souvenirs, or even keep receipts, it is all part of not wanting to forget those special moments. well, if you are near NoMad, NY and want to know where is the best place to buy souvenirs to help you take your memories home with you, then read on for our comprehensive guide on the stores to visit.

American Icon

Snow globes, shot glasses, magnets, key chains, ashtrays, pens, clothes, bottle opens, toys, picture frames, small yellow taxis, and a thousand other products to choose from. American Icon smashes it when it comes to not only quality and range but also price. This store is clean, organized, friendly, and not a rip-off. This place takes our number one spot, so head there at the address below, and get an armful of NYC goodies.

Address: 277 5th Ave

New York, NY 10016

b/t 30th St & 29th St

Midtown East

Empress Designs Corporation

For something a little different, pop into Empress Designs Corporation and have a look through some of the city’s finest stones, crystals, jewelry and more. It is great to get the standard souvenirs and gifts but sometimes it is also nice to pick up something more unique as a memento of your trip.

Address: 1160 Broadway

New York, NY 10001

b/t 27th St & 28th St


I Love NY by Phantom Of Broadway

They say the city never sleeps, and it is true of this store. Open from 8am until midnight every day, it doesn’t matter how late you have left it, you will more or less always be able to dash in here and get what you need before heading home. There are heaps of excellent options from socks, and posters, to mugs and stickers. This store will definitely have what you are looking for.

Address: 1375 Broadway

New York, NY 10018

b/t 37th St & 38th St

Midtown West

Memories of New York

As the name of the store suggests, this is the place to go to pick up your memories of New York. The store has a wide range of souvenirs including apparel, postcards, key chains, figurines, ornaments, bags, posters, as well as more unique or pop culture items. For more than thirty years, this has been one of the most popular stores in the city for tourists to stock up on their souvenirs before heading home.

Address: 206 5th Ave

New York, NY 10010


Liberty Empire

Just across the street from the Empire State Building, you will find Liberty Empire, a small shop packed with thousands of souvenir ideas, and with plenty of sales and offers on all the time, it is full of great prices too.

Address: 339 5th Ave Front B

New York, NY 10016

Never forget your trip to this vast and upbeat city with a little bag of souvenirs to display in your home.

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