What is open in Carnegie Hill Manhattan NY during the coronavirus?

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New York City has been hit harder by the coronavirus than most other cities in the country, because of this the rules and restrictions have been harsher for those living here. However, even though it may feel like everything has closed or is closing, there are still a great amount of businesses that are open! Of course, there are too many for us to list, but we have picked a few of the most useful businesses to help you understand what is open in Carnegie Hill, Manhattan, NY, during the coronavirus.


If you want to brighten your home or office space with beautiful bouquets of the most exquisite and exotic flowers and support a small business at the same time then check out Heather Floral. Offering stunning flower arrangements for any occasion or setting or just as a way to cheer yourself up. You can visit them in their shop or visit their website to order flowers for delivery online.

  1. SPAS

It is not like there is a spa on every corner, or it’s a place that most people visit that regularly so you may not have even noticed any changes when it came to the business of spas. However, if a spa is part of your life (at such stressful times, a spa day is probably the best thing for most of us), then check out the spas in Carnegie Hill that are still open; Moon Spa, Esy Skin, and Fashion Nail & Spa.


Some people can go years without even thinking about stepping foot in a hair salon, but for others, it is an important part of their care routine. During the stricter times, everyone had to forgo their trips to the salon, so people are definitely ready to get back to letting the professionals cut and style their hair. There are a few quality options in the area for hair salons such as Jaico Hair Salon, Tomoko Shima Hair Salon Uptown, or Val More Salon. Don’t forget you will have to wear a face mask during your appointment and follow any specific directions they give you during your visit.


Most people have had to make a huge adjustment during the last six months or so when it comes to cooking. Suddenly, the luxury of eating out seemed to disappear overnight, and everyone found themselves stuck in their own kitchen night after night. Fortunately, there are some wonderful restaurants around Carnegie Hill that are now open; we have listed some of our top recommendations below. Keep in mind that you will have to call ahead to make reservations or check their individual policies.

  • Paola’s
  • Table d’Hôte
  • Sfoglia
  • Lex
  • Pascalou
  • Korali Estiatorio
  • Bocado
  • Wok 88
  • Island
  • Bread N Wine

If you have been in the city at any point this year, you will see clearly the patience and strength of those who live and work here. With this in mind, it is important that everyone continues to work with each other, follow the guidelines, and help keep NY safe.

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