Renting an Electric Bike in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Looking for something new and novel to do in Philadelphia? Look no further than renting an ebike! What’s an ebike? An electric bike is a bicycle that is equipped with an electric motor that assists the rider upon pedaling. This makes rough terrain easy and hills a breeze. Pennsylvania law classifies ebikes as a regular bicycle, which means they are allowed to go anywhere on roads or bike paths. State law for helmets requires all children 12 years old and under to wear a helmet while operating a bicycle.

The place to go for renting ebikes in Philly would be with their bikeshare program called Indego. These bikes are found in kiosks all over the city, ready to go whenever you are! Renting your ebike from one of their kiosks is easy, and you only pay for the time you used. They charge $0.15 per minute, but if you’re an Indego ACCESS passholder, you are only charged $0.05 per minute when you upgrade your rental to an ebike.

Indego has a mobile app to download, which allows you to utilize the online station map to find ebikes throughout the city. Simply look for the kiosk that has the green lightning bolt symbol and you’re good to go! This is the quickest and best way to find your ebike’s availability, and also to pay for your trip. The great thing about a bikeshare program is that once you are done riding, you do not need to return the ebike to the same kiosk from which it was rented. Find an available local kiosk to you and return it there. Nothing could be more convenient than that!

Once you have your ebike, where can you ride? We have a couple of good suggestions for you in the area. First up we have the Forbidden Drive Trail. This trail was named Philadelphia’s 2018 Trail of the Year by the state of Pennsylvania. Gorgeous scenery, rivers, and greenery abounds on this trail, taking you through wooded areas as you ride next to serene babbling waterways. Nature lovers, this trail is for you. This is also known as the Wissahickon Valley Park Trail. Not only bikers, but runners and equestrians use this trail as well, so be sure to share the road.

Another trail you’re sure to love is the Boxer’s Trail. This path is famous for Muhammad Ali running the trail, looking to challenge Joe Frazier. Young boxers still jog this trail today. There is hardly any congestion on this path, therefore it is possible to completely engulf yourself in nature. It is 3.8 miles long and boasts tree-lined paths as well as a few historical mansions.

Renting ebikes is easy and affordable in Philadelphia. If you’re looking for something fun and cost-effective, rent an ebike and go for an effortless ride!

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