Best Picnic Spots Near Times Square New York NY

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As the summer weather makes its appearance across the state of New York, now is the perfect time to head out and enjoy the sun with a picnic. Whether you go alone, with friends, or as a family, a picnic is the ideal outing for everyone to have a good time. Fortunately, New York has its fair share of idyllic picnic spots all over the state, and in this article, we are going to look at some of the best picnic spots near Times Square, New York City, NY, so you can pack your favorite food, grab your favorite people, and find the perfect place to relax.


Of course, we have to start with the almighty Central Park. At just a ten minute walk from Times Square, and packed with various great picnic spots, this is normally people’s number one choice when looking to dine alfresco. As this is a lot of people’s go-to area, some parts of the park can get a little crowded, but fortunately, there are multiple areas for you to set up for the day to avoid the crowds, including; Sheep Meadow, Bow Bridge, The Pool, Strawberry Fields, Great Lawn, Belvedere Castle, and Great Hill. Each area has its own unique views and surroundings, so if you are able to, you should visit as many as you can.


For some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline, while you tuck into your lunch, East River State Park is one of the top choices. It is completely open with plenty of picnic benches or spots on the grass giving you lots of space. There are also barbeque platforms for those feeling more adventurous, and play areas for kids. It is generally not too busy here, however, on Saturdays, this park is used for street vendors to sells delicious food and drinks, so don’t expect to be able to have a picnic on this day.


It is best to jump on the metro if you are heading to Fort Tryon because if you do you can be there within about half an hour. It may seem like a little bit of a journey but you are pleasantly rewarded once you arrive. This beautiful park is soaked in greenery, from corner to corner, with lovely views of the Hudson River going by. These are some of the most idyllic acres in the whole of Manhattan, and the best part is, for the most part, very few people know about it meaning you can unwind in peace listening to the swaying of the trees, rather than other people’s conversations.

New York City may be known as the concrete jungle, but if you look a little deeper you will see that the city is full of tree-lined streets, and luscious green parks. You certainly don’t need to travel out of the city to find the perfect picnic spot when you can find more than you’ll ever need dotted all over the city.

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