Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Times Square, NYC

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Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Times Square, NYC

     Vibrant Times Square. This energetic and dynamic part of New York City with its shops, shows, and lights showcase so much that New York City has to offer. Whether visitor or local resident, you don’t need to go too far from here to see and do it all. Read on for some of our favorite places to cool off and get away from the summer heat here around Times Square.

Concerts and Shows on Broadway

     Don’t pass up this chance to take everyone to see a performance at one of the world’s most renowned concentrations of theaters and acting troupes. The various celebrated acts and theaters of Broadway are a great addition to your travel itinerary here in New York City, especially during the many community events when the troupes and companies take to performing in the street. Just some of the iconic productions you can catch here this summer include Aladdin, Chicago, Wicked, The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, Hamilton, and Mr. Saturday Night.


     One of New York City’s most immersive and intense escape rooms, this is a great option for those up to the challenge. Here, visitors will brave secret laboratories, mad scientists, laser mazes, escaped serial killers of the night, time travel, and unrivaled set design for a captivating and thrilling experience. Whether rain or just a plan for the more swampy summer days here in New York, OMEscape is a great indoors activity to add to your itineraries here around Times Square.

Bryant Park

     This location is also home of the New York Public Library’s flagship institution, and a great destination for groups large and small who want more casual photos. Here, your party can unwind and enjoy the company of Bryant Park, one of the city’s most popular gathering spots. The library and its interior provides backdrops in a more elegant, yet reserved setting. This is a great stop to unwind, explore one of New York City’s most esteemed public institutions or just as a quieter addition to any itineraries.

Helicopter Tour

     A novel way to beat the summer heat, by taking to the skies over the Big Apple. Few cities can rival the view from above, with New York’s formidable skyline, a great way for visitors to tour and see many of the biggest sights of the city, especially for those on shorter stays.

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