Social Distancing Friendly Sites in Washington, DC for Your #BucketList

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Washington, DC has a plethora of amazing museums, Michelin Star restaurants, and more. With the pandemic right now, it’s not always possible to visit them. But luckily, the city is also teeming with monuments, public parks, and delightful pathways that are both appropriate for social distancing and completely worthy of being added to your bucket list.

Whether you’re about to visit DC for the first time and are looking for things to do or you live there and need a break from staying at home, check out these fun DC bucket list ideas!

National Mall

This National Park in the heart of Washington, DC includes famous monuments such as the MLK Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, and more. Some, like the Washington Monument, are closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still view, appreciate, and photograph the outside!

C&O Canal

Historic Georgetown makes for a lovely place to walk around any time of year. But while a lot of its shops may not be open at the moment, one thing you can still do is the Canal Walk. The 200-year-old C&O Canal and its accompanying towpath run for a mile through Georgetown. Walking here is a good jumping-off point for exploring the cute nooks and crannies of the larger neighborhood.

National Harbor

If you’re up for a little trip, head 20 minutes south to the National Harbor. The Waterfront District is located along the Potomac River and is a scenic, walkable area surrounded by shops, restaurants, and art installations. The National Harbor has reopened with a new cleanliness initiative called STARTS, which stands for Sanitizing, Touchpoints, Advanced Technology, Reinforced Social Distancing, Train & Educate, and Security. The waterfront shops and outlets are currently open, so mask up, and enjoy a day of shopping.

DC Neighborhood Heritage Trails

A walking tour around the city learning about DC’s rich cultural and historical heritage is a perfect way to spend a day. It’s fun to do with friends but is also an activity that’s well suited to completing on your own. There are several official self-guided walking tours throughout the city with different themes. In fact, there are 17 different tours to choose from! Each one is 1-2 miles long and features large placards along the way with photos and historical information. Maps and more information can be found here.

Bartholdi Park

Bartholdi Park, or the US Botanic Garden, was created in 1932 and is named for the sculptor of the famous fountain located in its middle. Currently, the Conservatory and gated gardens are closed to limit the spread of the virus, but the park and terraced gardens remain open for you to enjoy. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk, and unlike many botanical gardens, visiting is completely free!

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