Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Astoria, New York

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Astoria is known for its variety of ethnic eateries, in trendy and up-market settings; while New York City has a larger than average number of Michelin star restaurants, there are not many in the region of Astoria, there are, however, a huge number of highly-rated restaurants in the area, serving delicious and upscale food on a daily basis. We have put together a list of a few of the best in Astoria according to Yelp, which will give you a good idea of where you want to dine next.

Koroni Souvlaki and Grill

You will notice that Greek cuisine dominates Astoria, so it is hard to know which one to choose; wherever you go, you will not go wrong, but Koroni Souvlaki Grill is a stand out option. The food is tasty, to say the least, from the feta cheese dip, the fried potatoes, to the Greek salads, everything is a solid choice. Koroni is particularly well-known for its gyros that are stuffed with juicy and tender meat, that always leaves you happy. Everything is simply the best. The atmosphere adds to your experience, the staff do well to create a friendly ambiance, and the owner is often around to speak with diners and make sure everyone is happy. It is a beautiful little Greek restaurant, and you won’t find better in the area, check out more and see their menu on their website –

Sami’s Kabab House

Afghan cuisine is not a sight you will get to see often, so now that you have the chance to experience it, do it as soon as possible. Sami’s has been open for the last three years and has built up a loyal customer base, which is constantly growing bigger. The meat they use is the finest quality, and the ingredients are always fresh, with the end result being kebabs, skewers, and curries that are full of an amazing combination of flavors and spices. Sami’s cooks its food using traditional cooking techniques ensuring you get the perfect experience of Afghan culture and delicacies. See more of what Sami’s is about on their website –

Abuqir Seafood

As soon as you walk into Abuqir your eyes are drawn to the large selection of fresh fish on ice, waiting to be cooked for your pleasure; it is a great concept in Abuqir’s, you choose your fish by sight, choose how you want it cooked, with which flavors, and that is exactly what you will receive. There are so many fish options for you to choose from, from red snapper, calamari, shrimp, dorado, and many more. The chef gets it spot-on every time, and all the meals come with a variety of fresh and tasty side dishes. Abuqir is the hottest spot in Astoria for seafood, and you will definitely be wanting to return. You can read more about Abuqir and find out more about what they have to offer on their website.

Astoria is a great neighborhood, known for its multi-cultural and trendy vibe, but you can add delicious restaurants to the list, as Astoria has plenty for you to choose from.

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