Spring Break in Atlanta, Georgia

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Spring Break is here. The flowers are in full bloom and the weather invites you to enjoy some truly amazing attractions and destinations. In today’s article we will be exploring the beautiful city of Atlanta for all its spring break must-dos and must-sees. From beautiful attractions that radiate with spring break energy to businesses that are a must visit while venturing the city during the most beautiful season of the year. Restaurants that use seasonal ingredients, sights that encompass the beauty of the spring season, and exclusive once a year events that only happen in the spring. Your one stop shop for all things to do, see, and be a part of during spring in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Pack your bags accordingly. Nice walking shoes, for you will want to be comfortable as you venture some of these amazing spring break destinations in Atlanta. For more information on the following events, destinations, and sights please follow the links provided under each option. Safe travels and have a great spring break vacation. 

Spring Break Ideas 

Atlanta is home to some of the most beautiful spring weather and sights, and the locals find this time of the year to be their favorite. The weather invites all to explore the streets, enjoy patio dining as the sun warms your soul, and parks to have some unforgettable picnic dates. Let’s explore the city and find some of the best Spring Break ideas that will take your trip to the next level. Feel free to follow the links provided under each option to further your planning.

Neighborhood Art Strolls (Free)

Every 2nd of every month the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll is hosted 6pm to 10pm and is free of charge. The springtime is the most popular for this event due to the beautiful weather and clear skies. The art stroll is a self-guided tour of the Castleberry Hill neighborhood that has tons of shops, art, and restaurants to enjoy. The neighborhood is located in Atlanta’s Historic & Arts District and welcomes all to enjoy the culture of the city and the springtime weather. For more information, please follow the link below.

Best Picnic Spots 

There are endless parks to choose from while visiting the Atlanta area during spring break. Pack some lunch, grab a blanket, apply some sunscreen, maybe put a bottle of wine in the cooler, and plan a date with your significant other for a picnic date that you will never forget. Here are some great parks to visit during your spring vacation in Atlanta. 

Piedmont Park

Fourth Ward Park


Take a day to explore these amazing parks. They have ponds, walking trails, and endless green pastures to lay and relax. Nothing is better than enjoying a day out at the park with some great lunch and even better company. Pack some good shoes and some comfortable lounge clothes for this occasion. 

The Dogwood Festival

Hosted in the Piedmont Park listed above during April 8th-10th. With art and attractions that have something interesting for anyone and everyone. This is a huge staple event for the city of Atlanta during the springtime, so make sure not to miss it.


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