Renting Ebikes in Baltimore, MD

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Electric bikes are all the rage these days. Commonly known as ebikes, they are available to rent for a day of fantastic fun in Baltimore. These ebikes, although assisted by electricity while one is pedaling, are not subject to being licensed or ensured in Maryland. Because of this, one does not need a driver’s license to operate an ebike. State law does state, however, that ebikes can only be operated by someone 16 years or older. All ebike operators must wear a helmet at all times as per Maryland law.

Ebikes are not allowed on sidewalks, but they can be ridden on bike trails.

If you’re looking to rent an ebike during your stay in Baltimore, here are a couple of suggestions from area bike shops. All pertinent links will be posted below.

Race Pace Bicycles lets you rent your ebike for the day, for 3 days, or an entire week! Booking can be done over the phone or online. Fees per ebike for rent are as follows:

1 Day – $75

3 Days – $150

1 Week – $200

For a somewhat cheaper option, you can check out Hybrid Pedals Baltimore. They offer two differing ebike rental fees per day. Their fees are $49 or $69, depending on the ebike you choose to rent. These ebikes are available by reservation only, so book your rental today! All pertinent links will be posted below.

If you’d like to buy an ebike rather than rent, both Race Pace Bicycles and Hybrid Pedals Baltimore sell them as well. Ask them about pricing!

If you’re looking for bike paths in Baltimore that you can ride and take an ebike adventure, look no further than the Sugarloaf and Braddock Heights bike trails. These trails are 12 miles long for both trails, but they’re for no novice. Be prepared to go up and down hills on this winding trail, but that should be no problem on an electric bicycle!

Another bike trail around the Baltimore area would be the Frederick Gravel Route, which is exactly what it sounds like – a gravel trail through the beautiful wilds of Maryland. This trail is 46 miles long from start to finish and will have you feeling like a true mountain biker. Ride your ebike as it was meant to be ridden! But be forewarned, riding a gravel route is no walk in the park. However, assisting the rider is what an electric bicycle was made for. Let the ebike do all the work on this rough and rugged trail.

All in all, ebikes are gaining momentum in the mountain biking world. They are built to assist the rider in pedaling, so going up hills or riding on hard terrain will be a breeze, even for Grandma! Rent one today and have the ride of your life.

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