Renting Electric Bicycles in Birmingham, Alabama

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If you find yourself in Birmingham, Alabama and want to go for a ride on a beautiful bike trail, consider renting an electric bicycle for your next adventure. Ebikes are gaining tracking in mountain biking culture, plus they’re a super-fun and a breeze to ride! Let’s take a look.

According to Alabama law, all operators of electric bikes need to be licensed drivers, and all ebikes must be registered since it has an attached motor. You must be older than 14 years old in order to ride one, and anyone under the age of 16, as either a passenger or an operator, must wear a helmet. Don’t forget to wear your shoes! Shoes must be worn at all times when riding an ebike. Electric bikes cannot be ridden on the sidewalks or used on bike paths.

Even though electric bikes are not allowed on bike paths, never fear! They are allowed on bike trails, which are different and can often be much more fun.

To rent an ebike, call up Cahaba Cycles or book your ebike online. They have several options to choose from and range from $50 per day with $20 each additional day, to $75 per day with $30 each additional day. These prices are per ebike. If you would prefer to purchase an electric bike, Cahaba Cycles also has them available for purchase, so feel free to call and ask for pricing.

Zyp BikeSharing used to be a big thing in Birmingham, Alabama, but unfortunately, this ebike rental company has left the city. They were contracted in Birmingham between 2015 and 2020 and are no longer in operation.

However, there are a couple of spectacular bike trails on which you can take your rented ebikes out for a spin. The first would be the Flint Creek Multi-Use Trails, 16 miles of trails for electric bikes, ATV’s, motorcycles, horse riding, and hiking. These trails are picturesque and perfect for a daytrip get-away.

The Kentuck OHV Trailhead is another great trail for electric bikes and all other kinds of small motor vehicles such as motorcycles, mountain bikes, or ATVs. This trail has 4 loops that total 23 miles all told. Some trails are easy and smooth, perfect for beginners, while other trails are harder and rougher, with sharp turns, rocks, grades, and logs in the trail. Rough trails, however, are where ebikes shine in their pedaling assistance to the rider. Perhaps these trails won’t be so hard to ride after all!

Even though Birmingham no longer has Zyp BikeSharing, they still have ebikes for rental and a few good bike trails. Come on down and rent your adventure. You won’t regret the fantastic time you’ll have with friends and family, or all by yourself with the wind in your hair and the sun at your back.

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