Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Covington, Kentucky

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If you want great bourbon and the excitement of horse racing, then Kentucky is the place to go; if you want comforting, delectable food, then Kentucky is also the place to go. Since Kentucky is not a state included in Michelin’s star awards, you won’t be able to find Michelin restaurants in any of the cities, but you will definitely be able to find mouthwatering food, nonetheless. We have found a few of the highest-rated restaurants, near Covington, on Yelp, in order to help you find the optimal eatery for you.


Wunderbar is a German fusion gastropub, where the key focus is on homemade German classics like sausages (so many sausages), sauerkraut, soups, potatoes, and sandwiches, all of which are brimming with flavor, a traditional German taste, and smells that are a dream to your senses. The ingredients in their products change constantly as Wunderbar prides itself on uses only 100% fresh ingredients, so you can easily epxeriences a different assortment of food from one week to the next, meaning the menu is always a wonderful surprise. The inside is cozy but trendy, giving you all the comfort of a relaxing pub vibe where you feel instantly welcome. Wunderbar is a total gem of a restaurant to find, that is worth visiting at any time of the day. They don’t currently have their own website, but you can check out more information and read what other people have to say by checking out their Yelp Page.


Otto’s serve some of the most colorful dishes you will ever have at any restaurant, it’s not only a delight for your tastebuds but for your eyes, too. Otto’s specialize in American southern food with a French flair, it is a glorious combination, where you get the comfort of the south and the rich flavors of France. There is a clear focus on delivering quality food regardless of what you order, proving you with smaller portions but ensuring everything is jampacked with flavor. They have several menus depending on what time of the day you go (be sure to get the French toast if you go for breakfast!), and a varied selection of drinks on offer throughout the day. Head to their website to see everything they have –

Bouquet Restaurant

Bouquet is on the higher end of the price scale of restaurants in the area, but in return, you get an elegant fine-dining experience; they provide an eclectic mix of smaller dishes from appetizers to desserts, and currently hold a monthly menu tasting evening, which includes tastings from their extensive bourbon collection! Most of the produce is sourced from a large number of farms, meaning their menu varies throughout the year, depending on the season and what the freshest ingredients are available at the time. Bouquet is a restaurant that would be described as up-market, but they still make sure to provide a friendly atmosphere so you never feel out of place regardless of who you are or why you are there. Bouquet is deserving of the praise they receive, and it is a great option if you fancy a night of treating yourself. You can see more and book a table here –

Undeniably, there are some exceptional restaurants to visit in and near Covington, and we haven’t even scratched the surface with our list, so give them a go, see who makes your list.