Flying the #Airlines for Your Vacation? Here are Some Ideas to Keep Your Kids Occupied

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We’ve all had to do it – flying the #Airlines with children. With infants, the advice is easy, bring a bottle, bring some diapers, a couple of toys, and a blanket. But what if your children are older and you’re looking at an hours-long plane ride ahead of you? Here are some practical tips for worried parents to keep their kids occupied while on an #Airlines flight.

Bring Drawing Supplies

Whether it’s a pad of paper, a sketchbook, or a coloring book, kids love art. You’ll likely have to supervise their crayons and markers but play a fun game for them to draw what you suggest or have you guess what they draw. Make a random scribble on the paper and have them draw a scene from it or have them do it for you. Maybe you’ll be the one to draw and color the page and they can watch you, or perhaps you can color together. These things will keep your child occupied for a little while.

Load Up Your Electronic Device

Do you have a phone? An iPad? A laptop? Before your trip, load it up with fun music, TV shows, or movies for them to listen to in headphones or earbuds. If your child is occupied while watching a movie for a couple of hours, that’s a bonus! You’ll most likely be able to plug it in and preserve battery life as most airplanes today have power plugs for every seat in the plane. 

Buy Puzzle Books

For older kids or teens, look into buying puzzle books such as crosswords, word finds, and Sudoku puzzles. These books can be found in any magazine section at the grocery store or local pharmacy, and also within the airport bookstore as well. You’ll want to bring pens and pencils too, but this is a fun way to keep them engaged in a quiet activity for a while.

Pack Snacks

Let’s face it, the airline might not have the greatest of snacks or they might not serve them in a timely manner. If your child is hungry, they could make a scene or get rowdy and loud. Crackers, nuts, veggies, cookies, and chips are all great ideas. You might even decide to pack a full sack lunch for your child instead of whatever strange meal the airline might have chosen to serve. As long as it passes through the security checkpoint, you’ll be able to take your food onto the plane. Make sure you purchase your child’s drink after you go through security, however, or else you might need to throw it away if it is more than their guidelines for liquids.

Snuggle Up

Purchase your child a fun travel pillow that goes around their neck and be sure to bring their favorite blanket. Perhaps your child will be tired, and they can settle down for a little nap. The next time you go on a flight, whether short or long, be sure you are prepared and bring activities for your children should they easily get bored on the flight.

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