#HotelLife – How to Make the Most of an Extended Hotel Stay

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped most spur-of-the-moment vacations and long weekends away, it’s generated a new kind of travel – long trips. This means that this past year, a lot of people have found themselves in a new situation: staying in a hotel for weeks or even months. 

There are many kinds of travelers in this situation. Some are nurses who have been sent to a hard-hit area to help treat patients, others have just arrived in a new place and need to quarantine for two weeks before leaving the hotel, and still others lost their desk job and decided to go work remotely in a nice location. And if this describes you, you probably want to know how to feel at home in your hotel during your long stay. Here are some ideas.

Choose Wisely

If you’re able to choose your hotel (i.e., you don’t have to stay in a government-mandated quarantine hotel) you’ll want to think carefully about your needs before you book. The kinds of amenities you looked for in a hotel in past years might not be the ones you need for this situation.

  • Remote Workers: If you’re planning to spend your time at the hotel working on your laptop, you’ll of course need to make sure the room comes with Wi-Fi and a comfortable desk. You should also try to stay in a place where you can work in other locations (i.e., next to the pool, in a nearby coffee shop) for when you inevitably need a change of scenery.
  • Travel Nurses: If you’re coming to work at a hospital, you’ll probably be exhausted in your off-hours at the hotel. Find a place with a pool, gym, or sauna so that you can keep yourself healthy and relaxed. Also, look for laundry service and room service for when you need convenience.
  • Quarantine: If you’re going to spend 14 days straight in your hotel room, you’re going to need more than a comfortable bed and a TV to keep yourself sane. Try to get a spacious room (especially a suite) so that you can move around and do home workouts. It’s also important to look for rooms that come with private balconies so that you can get a little fresh air and sunshine without breaking quarantine.

Make it Feel Like Home

Living out of a suitcase and staring at boring hotel art is hard. To keep your stay cheerful, put in a little extra effort at the beginning to add a few decorative and organizational touches to make your space feel more like home. These can include:

  • Bring some things that make you feel at home. This could include your pillow, your favorite coffee mug, or a scented candle.
  • Bring a few organizational items. If you’re going to be in the room awhile, you’ll want to keep it clutter-free, which items like power strips, jewelry trays, pencil cups, and the like can really help with.
  • Decorate! It’s as easy as throwing a colorful scarf over the dresser and draping a few string lights around the windows. No command strips needed!

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