#TravelPhotography Tips in the Age of COVID-19

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We all know travel is much trickier in the middle of a pandemic. But one aspect of your trip that you may not think about being a challenge is taking awesome pictures! Here are a few ways that travel photography is looking a bit different at the moment, and our tips for getting the best photos you can.

To Mask or Not to Mask

Generally, of course, the answer is to wear your mask! Masks are incredibly effective at stopping the spread of germs, and any time you’re in public and might come within six feet of other people, you need to be wearing one. This especially goes for group pictures, since while you’re posing with your friends, you’ll be very close to each other.

Of course, no one wants to look back at their vacation photos and see their beautiful smile blocked by a mask, but remember that we’re currently living through a major historical moment and you might actually like to look back on the pictures someday and be reminded of this very unique time. That being said, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Have fun with your mask and find one with an image of a fun pair of red lips, a catchy quote, or anything that will make you happy.

There is one exception to this rule -if you’re somewhere outdoors and not encountering many other people, such as on a large beach or a hiking trail, it’s absolutely ok to take your mask off for a picture. Some tips to combat what it does to your face? Bring oil-absorbing wipes to get rid of that mask sweat and a little bit of make-up so you can touch up after your mask messes it all up.

Getting the Perfect Shot

Before COVID, we were all very familiar with the situation of being at a crowded tourist location and having to get very close to other people to snap the iconic photo that everyone there is trying to get. You’re going to need to recognize that this isn’t wise at the moment, so leave yourself some extra time at photogenic destinations so that you’ll be able to wait for any crowds to clear to get the pictures you want.

Another challenge that some people are having while taking photos with their mask on is that it fogs up their camera’s viewfinder! This can be very frustrating because it makes it impossible to see if you have the image framed the way that you want it. A few tips to combat this phenomenon are:

·        Make sure your mask is tightly fitted around the bridge of your nose. Camera viewfinders and glasses lenses fog up when a gap between your mask and your face sends your warm breath straight up to the glass.

·        Bring a microfiber cloth that you can use to wipe the water vapor off your viewfinder. This can do double duty if you ever need to clean off your camera lens, too!

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