Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Little Tokyo Los Angeles CA

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Souvenirs are fun little reminders of a special vacation or trip, and for most people, they are often on the list of things to buy before heading back home. Souvenirs don’t have to be expensive, and they are not to everyone’s taste, but they can be the perfect way to help you remember invaluable moments with friends and family. So, if you are looking to find the best places to buy souvenirs near Little Tokyo, CA, then read on because we have the only list of recommendations that you will need!


Bunkado has been around in Little Tokyo since the eighties, and their longevity in business is due to their quality goods and great prices. Plus the fact that except for major holidays, they are open every day of the year, which is handy for those on vacation who are not adhering to a schedule. This store stocks a range of Japanese souvenirs and gifts from origami to daruma dolls, and a range of imported goods also.

Address: 340 E 1st St

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Little Tokyo, Downtown

Shinyodo Kimono & Japanese Gift

Of course, in Little Tokyo, the residents take pride in their Japanese heritage, so there is an abundance of fantastic traditional Japanese stores with all the best souvenirs in the city. Check out this place at the address below and immerse yourself in some authentic Japanese culture, and grab a few bargains while you are there.

Address: 119 Japanese Village Plaza

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Little Tokyo, Downtown

Gateway To Nature

If you are a fan of nature then this is the place for you. Gateway To Nature explores the way in which nature is open to interpretation, inviting imagination, creativity, whimsy, and even mystery, especially focusing on the youth groups who take trips there. This center and souvenir shop is definitely something different in the area and is a lovely place to not only pick up some mementos of your trip but learn new things as well.

Address: 130 Paseo De La Plz

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Ginza USA

Ginza has been selling the best American and Japanese themed souvenirs in the area for nearly twenty years. From the standard items you would expect like magnets, stationery, playing cards, and clothing, to the more unique products such as kimonos, tea sets, and musical instruments. This is the kind of store where you pop in for one thing and come out with a bag full. There are so many great souvenirs to choose from that it is hard to only buy one.

Address: 342 1/4 E 1st St

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Little Tokyo

Japanese Village Plaza

This is a small shopping village packed with various Japanese stores selling traditional gifts, souvenirs, and delicious food. There are a lot of shops to choose from inside, so you will definitely find everything you are looking for.

Address: 335 E 2nd St

Ste 223, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Little Tokyo, Downtown

Little Tokyo is full of wonderful culture, food, and people, so be sure not to miss your chance to take a piece of this city back home.

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