Renting Ebikes in Orlando, Florida

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Electric bicycles, also known as ebikes, are gaining ground in the biking industry. They are bicycles outfitted with an electric motor that assists the operator upon pedaling the bike. Less strain is experienced over rough terrain, and a smoother ride is enjoyed overall. In the state of Florida, ebikes are considered as regular bicycles and are allowed to be ridden wherever bicycles are allowed. Florida’s helmet laws are for children 16 years old or younger, but they are not required for adults.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do while staying in Orlando, come and rent an ebike and go on an adventure! You can find them at V & D Electric Bikes and their prices are as follows:

$45 / 1 hour

$55 / 2 hours

$75 / 3 hours

$85 / 4 hours

$105 / 24 hours

If you’re a student, you may qualify for special rental deals. This shop not only rents ebikes but sells them as well. If you’d like to own one, they’d love to help you out!

Another great shop in the area is Evolve Bikes. They rent ebikes for $43 – $69 a day, depending on how long you’d wish to rent the bike. The ebike they rent is called the Magnum Ui6, which has 5 differing power levels and a handlebar throttle, capable of taking the rider up to 20 mph with or without the pedals!

Maybe you’re wondering where you might be able to ride these amazing ebikes. We have a couple of suggestions for bike trails in Orlando. The Cady Way Trail is approximately 4 miles outside of downtown Orlando and is only a section of a larger trail for the region. This trail is 12 feet wide with a 2.5-mile loop around Lake Baldwin for sensational and lovely views of nature. This trail also wanders through urban areas as well, with long, shaded stretches making it perfect for that summer ride. This trail is heavily used on weekends and in the evenings.

Another fantastic trail is the Lake Underhill Path, which is 12 feet wide and loops around Lake Underhill. This path is adjacent to the Orlando Executive Airport and provides access to several restaurants and retail via the bike trail. Riders from this trail have the privilege to watch small aircraft as well as helicopters take off and land at the Orlando Executive Airport. Being near to the water as well, fabulous views of wildlife abound. If you’re a bird lover, this is your trail.

Renting an ebike is a fun and cost-effective way to do something new while on vacation, as well as taking in the local scenery. In Orlando, ebikes are plenteous and the trails are lovely. Come on down and go for a ride!

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