Sustainable Travel in Penn Station, NY

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Sustainable travel is a lifestyle that implements small choices that significantly impact the cities and environment we visit. Today we will be visiting the Penn Station in New York. A railroad station located in Midtown Manhattan with tons of small choices to make that not only add fun and excitement for the traveler but also take care of the environment we are visiting. In today’s world, we have plenty of sustainable and green options. Such as sustainable restaurants that run a bit differently, hotels that conserve energy, and parks to visit that leave the environment green and alive. Traveling with an eco-conscious mind can become overly complicated and stressful from time to time. The purpose of this article is to make those choices easy and readily available for those who wish to travel smarter. Feel free to follow the links provided under each event and destination to further your planning. Penn Station is a beautiful concrete jungle with tons of green parks and sustainable businesses to support. Let’s do our part and make sure our travels positively impact the area of Penn Station. 

Parks for Outdoor Activities

A visit to the busy city of New York wouldn’t be a thoroughly satisfying trip if we didn’t plan to take a day or two to visit some of the unique parks it has to offer. The city has become a vast concrete jungle, and when these cities prioritize the building and conservation of green parks, it benefits all, including the planet. New York is the pinnacle of innovation and has never stopped its expansion towards the sky with skyscrapers, so parks are very thin and hard to come by. With our support, we can show these cities that we desire parks, and in response, these cities will make it a top priority to further their conservation of natural lands. Here is a list of parks to visit while around Penn Station.

Chelsea Park

An excellent opportunity to get outside and enjoy some outdoor activities that add to the health of all who wish to visit. The energy around the park is fantastic and full of other individuals who seek an escape from the busy city. Enjoy some basketball, handball, baseball turfs, and many more multipurpose areas for athletic events. This park is the perfect place to release pent-up energy and lower your carbon footprint. Located in lower Manhattan, this park is a beautiful area to visit for the eco-conscious traveler.  For more information about Chelsea Park, please follow the link below.

The Herald Square

Monuments, green trees, and overall great energy around this park. The park has a mixture of great city life and lively trees and plants that inhabit the area. Explore the monuments and enjoy the company of fellow visitors and residents that walk the park—located on Broadway Ave. For more information about Herald Square, please follow the link below.

Sustainable Eats and Drinks

Food is everywhere, and the choices are overwhelming when in the great city of New York. What restaurants use fresh ingredients that are sourced from local farmers? How organic is the food? Worry no more, my fellow green traveler, for the answers to your sustainable eating guide, is here. Here is a list of restaurants that take their role seriously. They are serving fresh and local ingredients that support the farmers and community.


Located in Herald Square, one of the parks listed above, this restaurant is the perfect destination for the eco-conscious traveler who seeks good food that is also locally sourced. The whole menu consists of gluten-free options that leave your stomach happy and unbothered. The ingredients are locally sourced, and our support goes a long way to help the farmers and fishermen around the area. Enjoy soups, small bites, and some great breakfast pancakes that are all made with such care and knowledge. For more information, please follow the link below.


A family-owned business that has a mission to reconnect the people of New York to fresh and locally sourced foods. The restaurant partners with local farmers to ensure its food is the freshest and best in town. Good food for the body and the community. Enjoy delicious breakfast items made with simplicity and attention to detail. Enjoy some great sandwiches and juices that revitalize the soul on 363 7th Ave, New York. For more information about Fresh&Co, please follow the link below.

CitiBikes Bike Share

One of the most important things we can do for a city while visiting is limiting our carbon footprint and traveling with green tactics. Luckily for us in today’s world, this goal is easily obtainable through numerous green bike-share companies that line the streets of New York. With convenience and comfort at every corner, the CitiBikes Bike Share company has made it easy to tour the massive city without affecting the environment. New York City already creates enough car emissions, and it is up to us to do anything we can to not add to the decline of the world and environment. 

Explore the great city and rest assured that your choice to ride around the city with the CitiBikes Bike Share company is a green and sustainable choice not only for you but the whole world.

Please follow the link below for more information on catching a ride with CitiBikes Bike Share company.

Sustainable travel has been made easy within this article, and the choices to make the environment a better place has never been so readily available. Travel smart and plan your trip in accordance with your effect on the environment and community you are visiting. Travel green and let your visit positively impact the city of the area around Penn Station.  

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