Best Coffee Shops in Port of Miami FL

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What better way to soak up the sun, take in the beautiful views, and prepare yourself for the day ahead, or unwind from a long day, than with a top-quality cup of coffee that will leave you refreshed with every sip. Miami has the perfect atmosphere to relax, and you can make it even better with the right coffee, so read on for the best coffee shops in Port of Miami.

Suite Habana Cafe

For the most authentic and gourmet Cuban coffee you will ever experience head to Suite Habana Cafe, where they know exactly how to make the most exquisite blend. The whole vibe of the coffee house is one for relaxing and being in comfort and style, the owner calls her job a passion rather than work, and her passion for good tasting coffee can be felt in every cup. This is a real game-changer in the area and one that deserves its popularity.

Address: 2609 North Miami Avenue

Miami, FL 33127

Tostada Cafe

For another hit of high-quality Cuban coffee, pop into Tostada Cafe, this charming little cafe that prioritizes quality in everything they sell. For the more conventional options for coffee and the more specialist, Tostada has them all, including coffee varieties not found anywhere else in the area. It is also the ideal place to pick up some freshly made Cuban treats that are all made by the trained chef and owner – everything about Tostada Cafe hits the spot. Try some of their famous cakes and coffee at affordable prices the next time you are nearby.

Address: 28 West Flagler Street

Ste 100, Miami, FL 33130


The Salty Donut

I think we can all agree that the perfect accompaniment of a coffee is a donut, and the Salty Donut knows that better than anyone! This artisanal coffee house focuses on quality in their ingredients and customer service. Throughout the day fresh batches of a variety of donuts are made inhouse by the specially trained chef and are the ideal partner for one of their unique roasted blends that are crafted by the best baristas around. The Salty Donut has worked hard to build a great reputation, and they bring something different and special with their artisanal methods that you cannot find in the Miami area otherwise. Read more about their craft and story by clicking the link below.

Address: 50 NW 23rd Street

Ste 112, Miami, FL 33127

Vice City Bean

This cafe exclusively serves Madcap coffee beans that are sourced from Massachusetts and give of some of the smoothest and richest tastes you can have from a coffee bean. They have found the secret to a guaranteed great cup, and are running with it. For the last four years, Vice City has served the local area, and has made waves in the industry due to their mouthwatering coffee and pastries.

Address: 1657 North Miami Avenue

Ste C, Miami, FL 33136


The next time you feel like stopping to take in the views and the sunshine, relax in the best way possible with a coffee from one of Miami’s top picks.