Renting Electric Bikes in Salt Lake City, UT

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Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in cities all across the country. Ebikes as they are known, are bicycles with a motor that helps to assist the rider upon pedaling. For a smooth, easy ride, an ebike is your best choice, as it makes short work of whatever terrain you might happen upon. The state of Utah classifies ebikes as normal bikes, which means they can be ridden on any road or bike path. For bicyclists, there is no law for helmets in Utah

There are a few good bike shops that rent ebikes in Salt Lake City. If you’re looking to rent one, check out Salt Lake Ebikes. They have all kinds of ebikes from which to choose, including mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, and folding bikes. Their prices begin at $20 an hour for a city or a cruiser ebike, or $65 for 2 hours on a mountain bike. All rentals include helmets and locks and must be booked online. This shop also offers group rides and tours.

Another great shop is Pedego Salt Lake City. Pedego has two ebikes to choose from, the Boomerang and the Interceptor. Both ebikes rent for $20 per hour with a two-hour minimum, up to $75 for the whole day which is 8 hours. This shop also provides helmets and locks with their rentals. Pedego sells ebikes on their showroom floor as well, so if you’re in the market to buy one, they would be more than happy to help you!

As for where to ride around Salt Lake City, we have a couple of lovely suggestions. Parley’s Trail is a smooth ride at 6 miles long with beautiful views of the countryside. Pedestrians and joggers also use this trail as well as dogs, but they must be on-leash at all times. Be sure to share the road! This pathway winds through urban areas and the outskirts of the city. If you’re looking for a short, easy ride, this is your trail.

Another option would be the Jordan River Parkway. This trail clocks in at 45 miles and it winds all throughout Salt Lake County. It runs parallel to the Jordan River, which means you’re in for glorious sights, not only the wilderness but the wildlife of Utah. This trail shows off the beauty of this state in grand display. You will not be at a loss for things to look at, as this trail is full of green trees and waterways sure to take your breath away. If you have all day to go on your ebike excursion, we recommend this trail for sure.

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do on your next stay in Salt Lake City, rent an ebike and go on an adventure!

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