Best Coffee Shops in Santa Ana CA

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California has a large number of coffee shops throughout the state, there is a big demand due to the number of large cities, universities, and well, the coffee culture. The city of Santa Ana is no exception to this, and there are plenty of cafes all around. So, to help you in your search for the tops spots to grab a bite and hang out, below we have compiled a list of the best coffee shops in Santa Ana.

Tribute Coffee

Tribute focuses on serving the best food and drinks you can buy; their specialty coffees, teas, and smoothies are all handcrafted and use top quality ingredients. Their food is tasty and always made fresh. Their menu is varied and the prices are reasonable, it is definitely a great place to go for quality and value.

Address: 13960 Harbor Blvd

Garden Grove, CA 92843


Coffee Muse

The owner came from a creative background and he brought that creativity to this coffee shop. The tea and coffee at Coffee Muse is more than just a drink, it is an experience. The roasting and brewing process is a work of art, and the organic teas are made using loose leaves and infused with precision to bring you flavors that are unparalleled to anything you will have tasted before.

Address: 310 E 4th St

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Huskins Coffee

This family-owned coffee shop has everything you need. Their decor is light and modern, offering a great space to catch up with friends or work. Their drinks are delicious regardless of what you order, and all the food served is fresh and high quality. Huskins is a local business that is far superior to a brand coffee shop and shouldn’t be overlooked – check out more information at the link below.

Address: 1901 E 1st St

Ste 138, Santa Ana, CA 92705

MAZ cafe con leche

MAZ has been built as a co-working space, with one half of the cafe being used by people as an office. The setting is relaxed and is a great space to work from. They serve some really great coffee too, as well as other drinks such as teas and juices. If you get hungry they have a selection of freshly baked pastries. Overall, MAZ has found a great balance between coffee shop vibes and work-space vibes.

Address: 608 N Lacy St

Santa Ana, CA 92701


Hopper & Burr

Right in the heart of Santa Ana, these guys serve perfectly brewed coffee, and freshly made food such as pastries, toasts, and other brunch items. They are in a really convenient location and have reasonable prices. The quality offered is excellent as is the service you receive with staff who are always on hand to help. This coffee shop is uber-modern and clean making it a lovely environment to sit and take a moment for yourself.

Address: 202 W 4th St

Santa Ana, CA 92701


Find your perfect coffee shop in Santa Ana to sit and relax as you prepare yourself for the day ahead!