Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Tampa Bay, Florida

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The Sunshine State has so many things to offer travelers and residents alike; if you like the sun, beaches and endless rows of palms trees, Florida is the perfect place for you. Additionally, there are fantastic restaurants places to eat all across the state, and Tampa Bay is no exception. The Michelin Guide doesn’t yet include any city in Florida in their star awards, but until they do, we have comprised a list of the best restaurants near Tampa Bay, for you to visit and enjoy!

The Mediterranean Chickpea

While its focus is to cater to vegetarians and vegans, do not let this stop you from eating here if you are a meat-eater, there are a whole host of options to choose from that are so rich in flavors that you won’t be missing meat during this meal. The Mediterranean Chickpea works hard to keep their food as authentic as possible according to the Mediterranean diets, and they include classics like hummus, babaganoush, grape leaves, and tabbouleh to name a few. All the ingredients are freshly sourced, so you can count on having the same great delicious taste every time you visit. The cleanliness of the restaurant really stands out as soon as you walk in, as does the bright and light decor which sets a lovely atmosphere. The dining area is a little on the small side, so sometimes you might find you have a little wait until a table is available, but it is worth the wait, as they have some of the best dishes in town. You can read more of what people have to say, and see a gallery on their Facebook page –

Yah Mon

A taste of the Carribean is in Tampa Bay in the form of Yah Mon; their food is impressive, to say the least, and there is no denying that this restaurant knows what it is doing. They use the most mouthwatering of Carribean herbs and spices in their food, making for wonderful and explosive flavors. Yah Mon stays elegant without being pretentious, and ensure that every diner has the best experience possible. Yah Mon is the whole package from the food, to the interior, to the attentive wait staff, they have all the boxes checked, and you leave understanding why it is the best rated Carribean restaurant in Tampa Bay. For the most authentic and tasty Carribean food that you can have, without being in the Carribean, then Yah Mon id the only place to go, book your table now here –

Lolis Mexican Cravings

For homemade, scrumptious, classic Mexican food to satisfy your cravings, then Lolis is the spot to go to; whether you fancy tacos, burritos, steak, nachos, or any other Mexican dish out there, Lolis has you covered. They use the highest quality ingredients, ensuring the food is perfect every time, and they have the perfect selection of drinks to accompany your meal, including their specialty of water with various hints of fruit. Lolis provide a lovely and relaxed environment and make every minute that you spend there a good time. Check out more information on their website.

You will find delicious food on every corner in and around Tampa, it’s a magnificent place to be, and there is no doubt that one day there will be restaurants joining the Michelin star ranks when the inspectors finally come to town.

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