Aquariums and aquatic life around Times Square, NYC

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Vibrant Times Square. This energetic and dynamic part of New York City with its shops, shows, and lights might seem like the farthest you could get from nature and the water, but this is not the case. Thankfully, with all that New York City has to offer, whether visitor or local resident, you don’t need to go too far to get away from it all and see aquatic life. Read on for some of our favorite aquariums, parks, and places to watch aquatic life around Times Square. 

Central Park Zoo

For over a century, Central Park Zoo has been one of the premier attractions for generations of New Yorkers to see and learn about the wonders of animals, land, and sea. Here, famous faces like the chinstrap penguin, king penguin, macaroni penguin, gentoo penguin, California sea lion, grizzly bear, and snow monkey reside in a series of habitats, some of New York’s most interesting and eccentric residents. The California sea lions here have regular feeding shows, and love to show off their smarts to the crowds. The four species of penguin and the tufted puffins also have regular feeding shows, with their lovable antics above water and below for all to see. 

Aside from these close-up looks, there is also a 4-D theater, where groups can experience nature programming and family films. For a family-friendly experience with some of the most iconic and important species in a fun set of activities, the Central Park Zoo is a great option.

The Pond and Hallett Nature Sanctuary

One of New York City’s most charming green spaces isn’t far, The Pond at Central Park and the Hallett Nature Sanctuary! These two connected features are the heart of Central Park’s southeastern edge, rich in hiking paths, enchanting streams, fields of flowers, birdwatching opportunities, and the colors of fall. Visiting aquatic fowl species enjoy The Pond, while hundreds of bird species (210 to be exact!) stop by this end of Central Park during their migrations. There are also resident populations of red-eared slider turtles, snapping turtles, rabbits, ducks, and woodchucks who can also be observed. Whether you want to see the waterfalls and streams, the leaves and flowers, or wildlife in a green corner of New York City, The Pond and Hallett Nature Sanctuary is a great choice.

The Mall and Literary Walk

The Mall and Literary Walk is the graceful highlight on this southern end of Central Park, a stroll down a path of verdant elms and the memories of famous authors. Literature enthusiasts, bird-watchers, people-watchers, and anyone looking for a slow stroll away from the action of the Big Apple will all enjoy the atmosphere at Literary Walk. Cardinals, blue jays, finches, wrens, tanagers, and countless other species of birds flit and pass through this tranquil, verdant community, a great stop for nature enthusiasts not sure where to turn to in New York. Sit for a while and pour over a favorite book, listen to an album, watch the birds (or people) passing through and just relax for a while here in The Mall and Literary Walk.

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