Mother’s Day Around Times Square, NYC

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Mother’s Day Around Times Square, NYC

Vibrant Times Square. This energetic and dynamic part of New York City with its shops, shows and lights showcase so much that New York City has to offer. Whether visitor or local resident, you don’t need to go too far from here to see and do it all. Read on for some of our favorite ways to enjoy Mother’s Day here around Times Square. 

A show on Broadway

Don’t pass up this chance to take Mom and the family to see a performance at one of the world’s most renowned concentrations of theaters and acting troupes. The various celebrated acts and theaters of Broadway are a great addition to your travel itinerary here in New York City, especially during the many community events when the troupes and companies take to performing in the street!

Picnicking at Bryant Park

This location is also home of the New York Public Library’s flagship institution, and a great destination for visitors who want space for the whole family. Here, your party can unwind and enjoy the company of Bryant Park, one of the city’s most popular gathering spots. The Library also is a great attraction in itself, and the area is a great place to soak in the May sunshine and unwind with a to-go meal from one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood.

Brunch around Times Square

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the main event of Mother’s Day: brunch! And with the selection of talented chefs, kitchens, eateries, and restaurants here around Times Square, moms of every palate and taste will find themselves truly spoilt for options. Times Square Diner and Grill features a menu of delicious comfort food and a great place to dig into a “breakfast” of Egg Benedict, the vast selection of omelets and picturesque strawberry French toast. Meanwhile Juniors Restaurant and Cheesecake offers meaty sandwiches and acclaimed cheesecake varieties in a family-friendly environment, while David Burke Tavern’s innovative menu of lobster dumplings and crab cake pretzel rafts are memorable and sure to appeal to Mom and the whole family.


That being said, Mother’s Day doesn’t have to stop at brunch, as there is also an envious roster of restaurants to choose from for looking at Mother’s Day dinner, whether with the whole family or just for Mom and Dad. This concentration of restaurants is a great way to enjoy the celebrated atmosphere, mouthwatering dishes, and fuel your party while enjoying your stay in New York. Of note are Sake Bar Hagi, a cool, underground Japanese Izakaya boasting shumai, gyoza and karaage, the Russian Vodka Room, with hearty fare such as bliniys, pirozhki, and caviar, or the esteemed toloache.

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