Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Tribeca Lower Manhattan NY

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Along with photos, souvenirs are one of the best ways for you to remember a trip, and always keep a little piece of that place with you. So, if you are exploring Tribeca in Manhattan, NY, or the nearby areas, and want to know where the best place is to get souvenirs before you leave the city, then have the article for you. Below, we have put together a guide of the top places to go where you can get some great souvenirs and gifts without getting ripped off.

NYC CityStore

This store is a little gem near City Hall and stocks every classic NY souvenir and gift that you can think of. From socks to hoodies, to key chains and magnets, you can find whatever you are looking for and more. This store is rather unique as it is the only official store in the whole city, but even though this is the case, the prices are just as reasonable as the unofficial stores around the city. This is our number one recommendation and is well worth the visit for lots of fun items and excellent customer service.

Address: 1 Centre St

North Plz

New York, NY 10007

Civic Center


Cocoblues is open every day and for the last five years has been delighting locals and tourists alike with their beautiful range of handmade and unique home decor, gift and souvenir items. Cocoblues has built a great reputation in the last five years and has managed to stand out in the crowd among the hundreds of other souvenir shops. All the products are of great quality, and great prices, and it is the ideal place to go to get some fantastic reminders of your trip.

Address: 74 Mott St

New York, NY 10013

b/t Canal St & Bayard St


Village Gifts NYC

From the outside, you might think this store only sells vape items, but go inside and you will see that they sell so much more than this. Pick up some typical souvenirs such as hats, mugs, postcards, and magnets, as well as more memorable items such as branded items and various gadgets. This store is a great alternative to the usual street vendors and offers a lot of different choices.

Address: 175 Bleecker St

New York, NY 10012

b/t Sullivan St & Mac Dougal St

Greenwich Village

New York 911

Head on over to New York 911 for something completely different. Here you can pick up items related to the NYPD, EMTs, FBI, and even the coroner’s office. There is a great range of badges, pins, patches, shirts, toys and other merchandise. The best part is that part of the profits are donated to charities related to the NYPD.

Address: 263 Lafayette St

New York, NY 10012

b/t Spring St & Prince St

Nolita, SoHo

All trips are special, but New York can somehow feel more special than most, so make sure you take a piece of the Big Apple home with you and never forget your New York adventure.

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