Where To Eat And Drink At T.F. Green Airport

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When your flight is delayed, you’re often left with no option but to find a place to sit. That can be a great opportunity to grab a meal or a pint of beer. However, in order to have a good time, you may want to know a few spots where the food and drinks are impressive.

Here are some of the best places you can eat and drink at T.F. Green Airport:

1. Budweiser Bowtie

This is a great place to have a rest in the middle of a hectic travel schedule. In addition to the amazing beer selection, you’ll also enjoy the lobster roll and chowder. Many people who frequent this airport stop here to eat and enjoy the beer and cocktail collections. Apart from the food and drinks, you will also be pleased to hear that the prices here are quite reasonable. The service is prompt and friendly which is great when you have only a few minutes to spare before boarding a plane.

2. Donat’s Place

You can’t go wrong with the breakfast served at Donat’s Place. The coffee is amazing and it’s no surprise that this restaurant has been running for such a long time. It’s not just a place for people using the T.F. Green Airport but also those who work in the surrounding areas as well. The food is always fresh and served in good portions. If you have a very early flight, this is a great spot because they open at 4:30 am.

3. Libations Restaurant & Lounge

Another great place to grab something to eat before your flight. From tenderloin to omelets, you will find all types of bistro fare at this casual eatery. Their lobster roll is amazing as are the fries. The restaurant is located at the Radisson Hotel, which makes it easier for people staying at the hotel. They also have some great breakfast options for people taking early flights. As far as the bar is concerned, it’s well stocked and the bartenders are friendly.

4. Iron Works Tavern

This is a nice place to get a taste of tavern food before or after a flight. You will absolutely love the buffalo chicken dip, the Statler chicken as well as the margarita pizza. Although the menu is a bit limited, it’s top quality. They also have an impressive collection of beers and wines with sufficient sitting space at the bar. Some of the items on the menu might be pricey but the quality of service makes this place worthwhile.

5. Wolfgang Puck Express

A lot is said about the quality of airport food but this place that will not disappoint you. Their wild mushroom pizza tastes great – a combination of wild mushrooms, leeks, bacon and garlic cream. They also have some great Asian salad. The staff is friendly and efficient in making service easier for people in a hurry to catch a flight.

6. Wendy’s

Though fast food, the burgers are made with fresh beef. They also have natural cut fries, fresh salads, chicken nuggets and a very meaty Baconator. Although they specialize in burritos, you will also love all the other food varieties at this Wendy’s.

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