Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near White Plains, New York.

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Being a suburb outside of New York City, White Plains doesn’t currently fit the criteria for Michelin inspectors, therefore there are no Michelin star restaurants in the area. However, this does not mean there are not great places to eat, or any fine dining experiences, far from it; there is still an abundance of delicious eateries, so we have taken a few of the best rated according to Yelp, and coiled a list for your pleasure.

Via Garibaldi

Everyone loves an Italian, right, this is one of the top Italians you will experience. It is a relatively new restaurant, but it has made great waves in the short amount of time since opening, managing to grab the number one spot on Yelp, already. The authentic Italian cuisine includes everyone’s favorites, such a pizza, mozzarella sticks, bruschetta, chicken marsala, and about a hundred other options. The food is fresh and flavorful, and you can taste the quality of the ingredients they use. Via Garibaldi say they want everyone to have a ‘family-style’ experience, not only with the way the food is prepared but also the way the customers are treated and the environment of the restaurant. Via Garibaldi check all the boxes, and you will leave feeling full and happy; the restaurant allows walk-ins, but you can check out their website to see what they have to offer –

Kyo Sushi

It is a good idea to go to Kyo Sushi when you are hungry because you will want to try everything on the menu; the fish is the freshest you will ever taste, and each dish is beautifully prepared like a work of art. Their menu offers a lot of classic sushi rolls, as well as their own house specialty rolls which are packed with new flavors, and succulent textures. Kyo Sushi’s motto is ‘Always fresh, always friendly’, and you can’t fault them on either account, it is a fabulous place that will quickly become your favorite go-to place for sushi, noodles, and rice. Kyo Sushi is full of charm and is a wonderfully relaxing place to sit and unwind after a long day; you can look on their website for their menus and photo gallery.

Alex’s Bar & Grille

Great tasting food doesn’t have to cost the earth, and Alex’s Bar & Grille is the perfect example of this; this is a luxury steakhouse, with a huge choice of options on the menu, a lot of dishes are less than $10, which you would never believe if you ate the food without seeing the menu. The food is divine, it is all prepared and seasoned so well, the flavors shine through on any dish whether it is a salad or a steak, it is all top quality, and their desserts are not to be missed. There is a very friendly vibe at this restaurant, the staff is very attentive, and the owner often comes out to greet and speak to diners to ensure they are having the kind of experience he wants them to have. You can read more information on the restaurant and see the menu here –

White Plains has a lot to offer when it comes to eating and dining, there is a lot of wonderful national and international cuisine to choose from, and happily, you feel very spoiled for choice!

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