BBQ Cook-off Competitions Near Atlanta

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BBQ Cook-off Competitions Near Atlanta 

Atlanta. A beautiful city known for its deep roots in musical culture, its charm with the city’s Southern hospitality, the city’s multiple professional sports teams, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Atlanta is a city that exudes excitement. When the weather starts to get bright and beautiful during the summer season, it’s time to get the grilling started. Not only is it fun to enjoy grilling at the comfort of your own home, but a great summer pastime is enjoying and participating in bbq cook-off competitions to not only fill your belly with the seasons delicious foods, but also compete to see if your signature recipe can win over the hearts of the judges and those attending. When looking for bbq cook-off competitions that are near the city of Atlanta, the city offers plenty of options. Let’s take a look now at some of the most tasty and fun bbq cook-off competitions that the city of Atlanta has to offer. 

Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival 

When in the city of Atlanta, an excellent place to spend time and enjoy this season’s savory and delicious foods would be at the Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival. The Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival invites all to come and enjoy tasty, kosher bbq. The Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy amazing food off the grill without having to worry about if they can or cannot partake. This delicious event takes place later in the year in late October. However, this event is one that should make it on your calendar so you do not miss out on all of the tasty and kosher food that is being lovingly prepared there. If you find yourself in the city of Atlanta in the month of October, be sure to head over to Brooks Park Run and treat yourself to what the Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival has to offer. 

City of Kennesaw’s Pig & Peaches BBQ Festival 

Another great option when spending time in the city of Atlanta and looking for a place to enjoy delicious bbq, the City of Kennesaw’s Pig & Peaches BBQ Festival is the place for you. The City of Kennesaw’s Pig & Peaches BBQ Festival started off as something small but has grown into one of the region’s largest summer festivals that boasts bringing in around 30,000 people each year. The festival’s history dates back to the year of 2000, where the city of Kennesaw hosted a small concert with a handful of amateur grillers. From here is where this lovely event grew into what it is today, boasting two days of non-stop fun, with music, delicious food, cold drinks, and much more. If you find yourself looking for a deliciously fun event around the city of Atlanta, the City of Kennesaw’s Pig & Peaches BBQ Festival welcomes you. 

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