Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Atlanta, GA

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For fifty years, cities and towns across the globe have joined together and organized events and marches in honor of the LGBT community and to celebrate during the month of June. Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Atlanta, GA, has been happening since 1971, where it has been opening its city to parades and festivities for the LGBT community and supporters.

However, in 2008 Atlanta made a change, instead of celebrating during Pride Month (June), they decided to coincide their festivities with the National Coming Out Day that is in October and has continued this tradition for the last 12 years.


Pride is famous for its inclusivity, everyone and anyone is welcome to attend, after all, it is all about acceptance. That means people express themselves freely in their clothes, outfits, and styles. There is a range of activities for people to take part in, as well as parades, parties, and even some history about the community; here are some of the highlights below.

Public speech and special events are arranged throughout October. Parties, both private and public happen nearly every day and night and you will find a variety of workshops held throughout the city for you to enjoy.

The big party of the weekend is the Kickoff Party, known as the cities most glamorous, biggest, and best cocktail party, seen as the opening to the tlanta Pride Big Weekend’ it will set you up for the parades and parties that follow.


The Atlanta Pride Committee arranges and hosts three parades within the city during the big weekend then the big parade finale.


Celebrating the trans community, attendees are encouraged to bring signs and banners that support and also highlight any issues the community faces.


The Bisexual and Pansexual community gathers in style for this march through the city, celebrating people of all identities and expressions.


Calling all women… this march is for you. Celebrating women loving women from all races, backgrounds, faith, health, age, orientations, and more. The march is a way of demonstrating a united future; an equal society for all women no matter who you are, or who you love.


The crowds will begin to gather at around 10.30 am at Atlanta Civic Center MARTA station, with the parade looking to commence at 13.00. It takes around three hours to make its full tour of the city and is a rainbow of fun, color, flags, and banners. Joined by bands and floats with a fun party atmosphere, all are welcome for an unforgettable experience.

Pride Month, no matter where or when it is celebrated is about embracing everyone and coming together as a community to not only have fun but to support each other and face the struggles together. Pride Month in Atlanta hosts the biggest parade in the South East and is referred to as the gay capital in the South, you just know you will find something fun to do here!

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