Electric Bikes in Atlanta, Georgia

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Electric bikes, commonly known as e-bikes, are gaining traction in cities all across the United States. Many might wonder if they need a driver’s license to ride one, since it is a machine, after all. Fortunately for those who live or play in Atlanta, Georgia, the answer to that question is no.

If your e-bike is less than 1000 watts and can go no faster than 20 mph, you will have no worries about needing a driver’s license. Anything with more wattage or that goes faster than these specs is considered a motorcycle. Less than these specs, however, is fair game for anyone to ride. However, helmets are required, and the age restriction for riding them is 15 years old and up.

There are several places to rent e-bikes in Atlanta, starting with Pedego Alpharetta. Most of the e-bikes they offer for rent are available for $25 an hour, or $95 a day. There is a more expensive e-bike they offer for rent at $35 an hour or $125 a day. If you’re planning a ride that’s longer than four hours, the best bet is to pay for the full day and save a little cash.

Another shop that rents e-bikes is the Atlanta Bicycle Barn. This shop offers their e-bikes for rent at a rate of $15 an hour. They do offer helmets with their rentals and have a strict return policy. All e-bikes must be returned upon the shop’s closing at 7pm, else a $1 late fee per minute will be charged.

For both of these shops, a valid government-issued ID is needed to rent e-bikes. Reservations are not accepted, as its first come, first served. Both Pedego and the Atlanta Bicycle Barn have glowing, 5-star reviews. You’ll be sure to have an amazing experience with these two retailers. And if you’d like to buy yourself an electric bike, both of these shops sell them as well.

E-bikes are not allowed on any sidewalks, but they are most welcome on bike paths. There are many great bike paths in and around Atlanta to ride your e-bikes. The Stone Mountain Trail is a long and paved bike path, clocking in at 19 miles, which is perfect for an amazing adventure on a beautiful day. This trail intersects with two other trails, the Atlanta Beltline and the Freedom Park Trail.

The Atlanta Beltline bike trail is even longer, clocking in at 33 miles, all told. This trail is open to all kinds of adventurers, from bikers to pedestrians, walkers and joggers. So, make sure you’re extra careful riding your e-bike down this trail!

Renting and riding e-bikes in Atlanta is not only easy and fun, but affordable as well. You’ll be zipping down the bike trails in no time with the wind in your hair and the sunshine on your face!



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