Outdoor activities near Atlanta GA

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Spending time outside is beneficial for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is the positive impact it can have on our mental and physical health, even getting outside a couple of times a week can make a huge difference. However, if you are going to be sending time outside, you obviously want to make sure you are going to the best places. Well, if you are near Atlanta GA, then the article below is just what you need – check out our guide of outdoor activities near Atlanta GA to help you start exploring.


If you enjoy hiking, then Stone Mountain is a great place to start. Open to everyone all year round, this hike will give you the most incredible views of the city as well as the mountains to the North. It is one of Georgia’s top attractions for a reason, with the summit being nearly 1700 feet high, there is no greater place to experience the view.


This indoor and outdoor swimming center is suitable for all ages, with learning pools and shallow areas for kids, and lap pools for adults. As well as the pools there are plenty of water slides and water features that are perfect for everyone to have fun. And the great part is because there are so many activities inside the main building, it doesn’t even matter if the weather isn’t so good on the day that you go.


Even though Arabia Moutain is a National Heritage Area, it is still lesser well-known than other activities in the area, which is great for when you go exploring. Even though this area, which spans some two thousand acres, has inhabitants dating back around ten thousand years, there are still parts that are untouched and a great way to spend the day. Around this area, you will find running streams, quiet hills, and edges waiting for you, as well as two isolated giant mountains that give the area even more beauty.


To the northeast of the city, you can find one of the best hiking spots near the city. Follow the winding stream, and playfully fit your way through the greenery in order to reach the beauty of the waterfalls hidden deep along the trail. You can also climb Rabun Bald and experience the breathtaking views from the top.


Every April (the dates vary each year), Georgia hosts their yearly tradition of the Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park. The festival lasts for three days, during which you can check out artisan vendors selling food, drinks, crafts, and other handmade goods, as well as music, dancing, and even a 5k run. While this festival is only a one-of each year, this outdoor activity is the perfect way to experience the community of the city.

We have only covered a few of the best activities in this article for you to do, but hopefully, it’ll be enough to give you the drive to take part in more outdoor activities.

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