What is open in Atlanta GA during the coronavirus?

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During coronavirus, there has been a myriad of rules and regulations of what people can and can’t do, and what businesses can and can’t open. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the goings-on, especially when these vary by state or even by city. To help you understand a little bit more about what is open in Atlanta, GA, during the coronavirus, we have put together a brief list to give you an idea of some of the options available to you.


Home Depot prides itself on never closing its store even in times of crisis, because, after all, they are an essential part of the community. Since Home Depot sells items needed for home emergencies such as plumbing, electrical, and heating equipment, it is important that they do what they can to stay open. There have been some changes put in place though, for example; during this time, stores will close earlier than normal (see your local store for closing times), in order to be able to clean and sanitize each night. The number of customers allowed in the store is also limited, and of course, masks must be worn. They are also expanding their online presence making it easier than before for customers to place orders online if they would prefer.


Good news for gym-goers, Planet Fitness in Atlanta has been open for the duration of the coronavirus. While they have temporarily closed in other cities across the country, here, it hasn’t been the case. Planet Fitness CEO stated that gyms were part of the solution, and they were committed to providing a clean and safe place for its members. This gym has repeatedly said they follow all the government guidelines when it comes to sanitizing and cleaning, and its members should not worry about visiting the gym.


Atlanta’s zoo and aquarium zoological park is open for those who are wanting to treat themselves to a day out. Open from 9am to 5pm, this zoo has a huge amount of animal enclosures and conservation areas where you can see gorillas, elephants, lions, and even giant pandas. There have been a few changes put in place for anyone visiting during the coronavirus in order to ensure visitor safety; those over the age of ten must wear a mask, and all tickets must be bought online ahead of time with reservations made for particular time slots.


While there are too many to list, here are a sample of restaurants that are now open during this time, if you are in need of leaving your own kitchen behind for the night, or you want to support one of the businesses in the area.

  • A Mano
  • 5Church
  • Aria
  • Biltong Bar
  • Bucket Shop Cafe
  • Carroll Street Cafe
  • The Corner Grille
  • Estrella
  • The Hive Buckhead
  • Miller Union

Undoubtedly, everything feels a little different at the moment, even a relatively simple trip to the supermarket can take much longer than before, however, while it is good news that some businesses in Atlanta are able to stay open, it is always important to stay safe.

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