Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Boston, Massachusetts

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The Michelin guide is yet to visit the abundance of restaurants located in and around Boston, but that does not mean there are not any places worthy of an award when they finally do; there are still plenty of exceptionally highly rated establishments in which to eat, and we have found just a few for you to add to your list, next time you have a date with Boston.

Ciao! Pizza and Pasta, Chelsea

Venture across the river from Boston into Chelsea, and you will find this gourmet Italian eatery; it has the highest-rated pizza in Boston, and is famous for its handcrafted fresh pasta, and soft and cooked to perfection pizza from the wood-burning oven. The ingredients used all complement one another outrageously well, and the multitude of flavors and combinations means that you will never be disappointed, regardless of what you choose. The restaurant is on the smaller side, so be prepared to wait for a table due to the limited seating and constant flow of customers. You can’t make a reservation, but you can see the full menu online, ready for when you visit –

The Table At Season To Taste, Cambridge

In north Boston, in the famous city of Cambridge, lies a beautiful contemporary French restaurant that could easily be described as fancy; the set menu, created by head chef Carl Dooley, allows you to have a fine-dining experience, at a much lower cost. Dooley has perfected a wonderfully eccentric and eclectic mix of dishes, including delicious desserts, that are paired flawlessly with various drinks. While you can visit the restaurant without a reservation, it is best to book in advance as there are a restricted number of seats available –

Tenoch, Boston

Tenoch is a no thrills Mexican restaurant that focuses on creating great-tasting and authentic food; they may not care too much about having expensive interior design, but it absolutely makes no difference when the food is this good. It is a cozy little spot, with quick service and a relaxed vibe where you can sit and eat with your friends for hours. The food at Tenoch is second to none, the expertise of the kitchen staff is evident in every bite of your dish, and the menu is full of everyone’s favorites including burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and heavenly tasting bread options. The prices are extremely reasonable and are much lower than you would expect for the quality and service you receive in return, Tenoch is a firm favorite of all those who visit and should not be overlooked –

Whole Heart Provisions, Boston

This is the perfect choice for vegetarians and vegans, or anyone for that matter, as they offer fresh and delicious food in a great location. It is catered towards vegetarians and vegans and has a lot of options of vegetables, cooked and raw, beans, greens, nuts and much more for you to create your own favorite combination. as a bowl. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch or a sit-down dinner, the dining space is suited for both in a trendy and friendly environment –

There is a large number of great restaurants in Boston, ranging from the extravagant to the every-day, and including cuisines from all over the world, but all are equally as desirable and delicious and will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

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