Best Places to Take Pictures around Boston, MA

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Boston. This northeastern city is known throughout the nation for its distinct and storied character, a presence in all facets of American history, arts and industry. With so much going on and so much to see among its streets and stories, we understand Boston can prove quite the challenging city when it comes to narrowing down travel plans. Read on for some of our favorite places to take photos around this historic city on a hill.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

With so many celebrated and beautiful locations around Boston, it wasn’t easy to make our list, but the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum easily cleared the competition. This is an enchanting getaway for your trip to Boston, numerous elegant hallways and rooms to explore surrounding the central piece, a verdant and stunning courtyard illuminated by a massive skylight. Here, with a variety of mixed indoor settings and the interior that evoked images of Venice, you will find so many options for your photos. 

Boston Public Library

Yes, this is a library, but do not be mistaken, this is one of Boston’s most honored venues, gifted with spacious courtyards, a grand exterior and breathtaking, elegant interior sections including massive windows, a massive atrium and intricate walkways. For those wanting to take their photoshoot to one of Boston’s most notable locations, the whole party will delight in the company of the Boston Public Library.

Acorn Street

This epitomic slice of Boston brings the charm to 11, complete with the famed cobblestone pavement, narrow footpaths, brick architecture and ambient lighting and greenery. These and more explain why Acorn Street is named “the most photographed street in Boston” and continues to punch well above its weight in the shutters of Bostonians. No matter the season, catching your photo here is a worthwhile souvenir during your trip to Boston.

Boston Athenaeum

For a smaller scale and more personal experience of the Boston Public Library, visit the Boston Athenaeum, a setting renowned for its intricate and inviting interior, where colorful shelves and an elegant interior are bathed in light. This is just as much a cozy spot to curl up in a book as it is a backdrop in itself. For those wanting to take pictures of the city, this is also a central location for building photographers and those for cityscape photography, as well as providing its own views over Boston.

Tatte Bakery and Cafe

This popular series is a great stop for food photographers, foodies and all travelers who want to stop and fuel their journey in a chic location. The myriad of delicious and picturesque pastries go well with the hot beverage options here, and can accomodate solo travelers, couples, to large groups alike. Pull up a chair and snap away or just relax, here at the Tatte Bakery and Cafe.

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