Mother’s Day Around Boston, MA

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Mother’s Day Around Boston, MA

Boston. This northeastern city is known throughout the nation for its distinct and storied character, a presence in all facets of American history, arts, and industry. With so much going on and so much to see among its streets and stories, we understand Boston can prove quite the challenging city when it comes to narrowing down travel plans. Read on for some of our favorite places to enjoy the best of this historic city this Mother’s Day.

Duckling Day

For those families visiting Boston this Mother’s Day, Duckling Day is the perfect event! Few sights are as cute as Duckling Day here in Boston, where over 1,000 people dress up as colorful yellow ducklings to march the streets as in the beloved children’s book, “Make Way for Ducklings”. The prestigious Harvard Marching Band leads the way from Boston Common at the Parkman Bandstand and concludes at the Public Garden, a great way to see some of the best in the city in adorable and memorable fashion. There is also the playtime before the march, where families can enjoy magic shows, performances, circus games, live music, and food. Don your duckling costumes, pack for a picnic, enjoy face painting, and decorate your strollers and bags and enjoy this Mother’s Day out on the town at Duckling Day, one of Boston’s most heartwarming traditions.

Mother’s Day Ball Game

Enjoy the excitement and energy of a Red Sox home game at historic Fenway Park, and treat your Mother to the festivities and one-of-a-kind atmosphere of a Boston home game! Especially for those visiting Boston, this is a great photo opportunity and an immersive way to tour and enjoy one of the most esteemed parts of Boston’s heritage. Aside from the spectacle of the match and the community of Boston, Fenway Park is notably close to many other major attractions of Boston, and is a great addition to a Mother’s Day weekend itinerary.

Sunset Cruises

See the city from the water and take your family out on a sunset cruise, a great way to see many of Boston’s most celebrated sights, landmarks, and buildings from a truly unique point of view. This is a great way to end (or start) your Mother’s Day while in Boston, and is a great photo opportunity, as well as another easily accessible activity from the Downtown area.


Of course, this wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without brunch, and with a number of talented and upscale restaurants, hotels, and kitchens across this city, every family and every palate will find their delicious escape this Mother’s Day. Alden and Harlow is a showcase of some of the best in New England and Massachusetts ingredients, while The Banks is a mouthwatering tour of the seafood and marine produce of the Massachusetts Bay. We also couldn’t forget the extravagant and rich menu of Capo Restaurant, which also offers a dinner service and live music on Sundays.

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